�Family time is precious and many of us would have enjoyed more of it during the Circuit Breaker period when we spent more moments at home and with the family. For mine, we went out biking together a lot with the family. I also made a lot of obstacle courses at home for Ira using chairs, pillows and other objects. She loved hopping around pretending "the floor is lava." That was truly quality time spent together.

Signing Ira up for hockey training with the ActiveSG Hockey Academy has created an additional aspect for me to connect with Ira. We talk about hockey, we watch hockey together and the twice per week sessions we spend together without fail is super valuable to me, especially since my own work schedule can be quite busy at times . The important thing in doing sport at a young age is also for Ira to learn the value of teamwork � to be able to not think of only herself but to think of the team's success. It was a moment to remember when she came back and talked about how she made a pass and someone on the team scored a goal!                     

As for myself, I also try to do my part in Ira�s sporting journey. Being an Active Parent to me means being able to convey the values of discipline, fitness, friendship and continuous improvement to Ira. I think the qualities she will learn through sport will help her in her life in general as it has helped me.�


Ajay Sohoni is father to Ira, who�s currently training with the ActiveSG Hockey Academy. Despite living a distance away, he makes sure he ferries her to all the sessions at the Hockey Village without fail.