"My son and I participated in the Active Parents Football Parent-Child programme during the December holidays. We enjoyed the 1.5 hour session thoroughly! A fond memory from the session was the moment when my son encouraged me to score a goal after I had missed an earlier goal.

My family and I moved to the west side of Singapore a year ago and we decided to take a break from the shopping centres and explore nature and the outdoors. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve was naturally one of our choices. We visited it with the hope of catching a glimpse of the famous crocodiles. However, luck was not on our side as we did not spot any that day when we visited. Instead, we managed to see their "younger siblings", the monitor lizards, which still excited my son! Throughout the walk, I encouraged my son to push himself to walk more, whine less, and observe the insects and animals in their natural habitat. 

My son is in K2 this year and has more spellings and homework compared to the previous year. Hence, he is naturally feeling the academic stress. As a parent, I hope to alleviate some of it by encouraging him to participate in sport and outdoor play during the weekends. This would aid his fitness and physical development and in turn, help him to focus when he needs to study.

To me, being an Active Parent means creating opportunities for my family to bond together through activities such as outdoor play, exercises and sport. I strongly believe that a family that eats, plays and exercises together, stays together. I think routines are very important in order to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Therefore, I would always accompany my child when he goes for his weekly Football training sessions. While he trains with his peers, I would exercise. Through my actions, I hope to be a role model to him and walk the talk!"