"During the December holidays, I attended the Active Parents Parent-Child Canoe programme with my 9-year-old and we really enjoyed the session. MacRitchie Reservoir is a very pleasant location; the coaches are helpful and approachable, and most importantly, my son really appreciated the dedicated time spent together. It was a special feeling for both of us to be out in the water, and the serenity amidst the expanse of the water and the surrounding greenery simply lifts the spirits like no video game or movie can.

My family and I also enjoy recreational time together. We went to Changi Jurassic Mile in December, and although it was quite crowded, the kids seemed to be happy. I guess they just enjoyed being out and about, and taking in some sun, rather than being cooped up at home. We also have the zoo membership, and my kids love going there to see the animals. We will go to different exhibits each visit, and try to spend more time observing the various animals.  

My son had been itching to try out the Houbii Rope Course at the zoo, but it was raining heavily in December, so we hadn�t visited the zoo for a while. Finally there was a clear day, and we had a chance to go try out the rope course. He is usually quite good at climbing, but was initially reluctant to try out the tires course, because he found it very difficult to complete given that the suspended tires wobbled a lot. We went to try the other stations, and after he warmed up and became more comfortable with the rope course (also because he had completed all the other stations), I encouraged him to give the tire course another try. He agreed to, and not only did he complete it, but he did so in a �traffic jam� � there were kids coming from the opposite direction and they had to squeeze past each other on the swinging tires. 

Being an Active Parent to me means allocating time and full attention to each and every child. As working adults, we all have limited time in a day. Hence, there is a need to allocate and schedule bonding time with our children, so that each child feels special and loved. 

I also believe in the importance of exercise as it releases endorphins which helps to clear up the mind, and perhaps even bring new perspectives to the problems we puzzle over. During this pandemic season, our kids are not allowed to play with their friends during recess time, and a large chunk of �playtime� is missing from their daily routine. By encouraging the kids to stay active outside of school, the change in activity can help to shed new light and inspire solutions to the daily challenges they encounter, particularly in their academic pursuits. I find that one effective way to motivate my children to lead an active lifestyle is by being there to help build their confidence when we introduce new activities or sport to them."