"As a family, we encourage our children to take part in outdoor activities and to explore new things. 

One of the recent interesting places we visited was the Changi Jurassic Mile. The stretch was not too long, and it was easily covered by the kids on their bikes and on foot for us adults. Besides this, we also had a chance to explore Henderson Waves along the Southern Ridges trail together.

Last December, we took the opportunity to go for the Funvee Open Top Bus Tour using our SingapoRediscover Vouchers. It was rather educational for the children as they learnt more about the history of the route we were on. Initially, my younger son, Ethan was frightened of the height from the top of the bus. But with our assurance, he slowly opened his eyes and began to enjoy the journey around the city. He even told me it was fun at the end!

My daughter, Emily, and I also joined the Active Parents School Holidays Programme in December. It was Emily's first experience with Hockey and we both had lots of fun participating in the parent-and-child activities together. I thought it was good exposure for us too, as we hardly get the opportunity to engage in new sport.

One thing my family and I started doing together was going on �Playground Hunts� while cycling around estates. We have discovered some very interesting themed playgrounds in various estates like Dawson, Bidadari, and Punggol, to name a few.

To me, being an Active Parent means engaging in activities around me, such as community or social events, with my family. 

I am an advocate of sport. As a parent, I would like my children to experience the joy of sport too. I try to educate them that sport is not only good for their physical and mental health, but that leading such a lifestyle will keep them healthy and happy in the long term. Going for regular playground hunts, cycling, and walking have become part and parcel of our lives!"