"Last December holidays, my husband and I attended the Active Parents Parent-Child Basketball and Tennis programmes with our children. We had such a great time playing together with our kids, and the sessions were filled with so much joy and fun! Apart from the Active Parents School Holiday Programme, we also signed up for many other ActiveSG holiday activities for our children to explore different types of adventure and have a variety of experiences. For example, our children participated in Archery, Inline Skating, Swimming, Cycling, CPR AED, etc.

We are also very thankful for the SingapoRediscover Vouchers as we had the opportunity to put them to good use during the holidays. My family and I visited Gardens by the Bay, particularly the Flower Dome and the Walk of Lights Christmas special at Marina Bay. We enjoyed the spectacular displays of flowers and plants, as well as the stunning lights at the exhibitions. Both my sons were excited and happy to be there as a family, and we all felt very festive with the Christmas decorations all around us.

I believe that going outdoors, be it to play sport or for recreational activities, is important to balance academic stress. My husband and I find that by actively involving our boys in sport and outdoor activities, it makes it easier for them to avoid playing mobile and computer games. We are particularly cautious to avoid allowing our boys to develop an unhealthy addiction to video games. Hence, as active parents, we will always be ready to support their interests in sport and encourage them to go outdoors to play as much as possible. ActiveSG has been a great source for a variety of activities and programmes for our children! 

My husband and I also keep the mental health of our children in mind, particularly given the demanding academic rigours of school. We try our very best to encourage our children to maintain a �school-life� balance and we train them to manage study, play and rest too. Joining sport activities especially during the holidays helps them to free their mind and enjoy themselves to the fullest, as well as strengthening and balancing their mental health.

We also make it a point to engage in open family discussions after such programmes where my children will usually share more about their likes and dislikes about the activities. Through their sharing, I actually feel like I understand my children even more. Such conversations are important in strengthening our parent-child relationships and help us work towards a more common understanding of each other�s interests."