�Seeing my children happy, playing with and looking after one other, and being kind to other people and animals, are my happiest and proudest moment as a parent.

Being an Active Parent to me means being there for our children and doing what they love to do. It has definitely made us closer, bond more and become a more loving family. I also tried to keep my children active during Circuit Breaker (CB) where we danced and messed around a lot at home. That by itself was already quite a workout with three little ones.

I've always wanted to take them camping but never had the time to do so. The irony of it was that we found time during CB and it was the period where we could not camp outdoors. We made the best of it and camped indoors instead. We packed our bags, pretended to arrive at the campsite, pitched our tent, played outside the tent, read stories under the "stars" at night and slept in sleeping bags. It was precious time indeed with my little ones.

I hope to share my Active Parent beliefs with my constituency and provide them with the opportunities to bond as a family through the community facilities and activities. We have organised several family events and built facilities like a water park to make sure that Nee Soon East is not just a place you live at, but a place where you can spend quality time with your family and create beautiful memories.�


Louis Ng is the Grassroots Adviser to Nee Soon GRC GROs and has three daughters Ella, Katie and Poppy. He enjoys outdoor time with his children and running and exercising in the park.