�As a parent, I am most happy to spend quality time with my children and to create many memories with them. My wife and I also couple that with teaching them life values as we learn how to be better parents ourselves. Being an Active Parent means to impart good sporting values to our kids and helping them embrace an active lifestyle as a permanent way of life to better health and fitness. In doing so, we get to learn about their character and strengths and weaknesses, build strong bonds with them and help them to grow and embrace themselves. 

We signed our children up to train with the ActiveSG Athletics Club (AAC) as we wanted them to have an active and sporty lifestyle. We also believe that athletics is the base building block for almost all sport and will help them gain speed, flexibility and agility for any future sport which they may take a deeper interest in the future. We are heartened whenever we see them enjoying the running and jumping around and making new friends at the club. At the same time, we  made friends with like-minded parents and formed a small AAC parent community.

During the recent Circuit Breaker, we participated in the weekly Facebook Live exercise sessions by the athletics club as a family. We also went out cycling and running along the park connector nearby, cooked and made ice-cream together at home. That was a memorable time together for us.�


Raphael Lim is a father of 2 and both children are enrolled in the ActiveSG Atheltics Club. He enjoys running, dragon boating, golf and cycling in his free time.