�Circuit Breaker (CB) was a great platform for our family bonding. We bought board games such as Monopoly and UNO, built Lego, played war games and did other indoor games together. We also went for walks together to keep ourselves active. For myself, I hung up my punching bag and installed a pull-up bar. My wife also conducted her own PE lessons using cones and balls to engage the boys. 

Our boys have been training in Aikido with the ActiveSG Martial Arts Club before CB. The most memorable moment for us was when they underwent their Aikido grading and obtained their yellow belts within only months of training. We were extremely proud of their perseverance and thankful for Sensei Bernie�s guidance. 

The happiest moment of my parenting life was the birth of our sons. I still remember vividly the swell in my heart when the midwife said:� Daddy, please check if your baby has a face, two hands, ten fingers, two legs and 10 toes.� They have been the most amazing things that have happened to me and my wife. 

As parents, we believe that the crucial part of their growing up is before they become teenagers. It is extremely important that we spend time with them to build a strong relationship and to identify their respective potential. Being Active Parents also means creating many shared experiences together, which will help forge a strong bond between the boys and us. This presents opportunities for us to be a role model not only in the house, but when we are outside playing and spending quality time together.�


Rudie Hirman is a father of two boys and does Aikido training with them every Saturday at Jurong West Sport Centre.