“Every time my children call out, ’Mummy’, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have them. 

My favourite memory with my children is of our time cycling together in a family-sized cart! Apart from exercising, we get to spend quality time together outdoors. With the easing of the safe management measures, we continue our cycling hobby at East Coast Park and my younger one will sometimes bring her tricycle along. 

As an Active Parent, I try to spend time with my children and find activities that they like to do while we, as adults, get to do a bit of exercise too. Through the years, we created many happy moments together, founded on experiences we collectively have as a family – be it building a sandcastle, or having an ice-cream together after a hot day out in the sun!

Within my constituency, we also promote Active Parenting. We had organised many family carnivals in Punggol West prior to COVID-19, where our residents take part in parent-child team sport competitions. This is great for family bonding, and great for healthy living too!”

Sun Xueling is the Minister of State, Home Affairs, Social & Family Development & Grassroots Adviser to Punggol West SMC GROs. Her favourite past time is cycling with her two children.