�During Circuit Breaker (CB), we started our own "home Olympics" with activities modified from home equipment. For example, we had a high jump competition by stacking pillows higher and higher as each of them progressed! Other activities include bowling by knocking down drink cans using makeshift paper balls that we created together. We even made our own healthy cookies during the CB period!

I believe every parent treasures the time with their children and watching each of them grow and develop their own character and interests. For me, every time they discover a new interest or display a new action or reaction are the small things that I cherish.

As an Active Parent, I try to join my children in various activities and motivate them, especially when things don�t go their way. There are always teachable moments in sport and Active Parents don�t just join in the fun � we take time to share experiences and relate the failures and successes in sport to life.

This shaping of their mindset is key so children understand that they cannot win all the time, and it�s all about improving themselves rather than competing with others. Teamwork is important and everyone has their strengths and weakness. Winning is not everything � it�s the process, the people we are with, and our family that matter.

Over the years, I had been involved in numerous family day programmes in my constituency. We make sure that the activities include parent-child activities, and that the snacks offered are healthy too. I look forward to having such activities again and to meet more Active Parents!�


Dr Wan Rizal is a father of four and Grassroots Adviser to Jalan Besar GRC GROs. He enjoys floorball and swimming in his free time.