20220729_Solo 2022_Badminton Training_Credit SNPC-Goh Si Wei (21)Team Singapore's shuttler Ang Chee Hiong at the 2022 APG in Solo Indonesia. Photo Credit : SNPC/Goh Si Wei


Less than a year ago, Ang Chee Hiong made his ASEAN Para Games debut for Team Singapore. The 42 year old was the Republic's lone representative in badminton and was grouped in the Standing L4 event. Come Cambodia 2023 though, the Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) is sending 3 shuttlers including Chee Hiong, Tay Wei Ming and Xavier Lim to compete at the 12th edition of the APG. 

As a former national badminton player, Chee Hiong is hoping to make amends for last year's APG campaign, by targeting a podium finish in Cambodia. And ActiveSG Circle caught up with the 43 year old shuttler, to find out more of his plans to reach Paris 2024.

20220729_Solo 2022_Badminton_Training_CT_-6Team Singapore's shuttler Ang Chee Hiong at the 2022 APG in Solo Indonesia. Photo Credit : SNPC/Goh Si Wei 


Ang Chee Hiong (Badminton SL4 Men's Singles & Men's Doubles SU5, Team Singapore)
Age : 43
No of years in TeamSG : 4

Q : Cambodia 2023 marks your 2nd ASEAN Para Games. How are you feeling ahead of the upcoming campaign?
Chee Hiong : Excited and looking forward to represent Singapore again. 

Q : Take us through your training preparations for Cambodia 2023?
Chee Hiong : I was competing back-to-back in Thailand Para International and Bahrain Para International, just 4 days before flying to Cambodia for APG. In short, there’s no break in between and therefore these tournaments are my preparations for the APG. 

Q : You were 42, when you made your APG debut in Indonesia last year. What compelled you to come forward, train and represent Singapore in Badminton?
Chee Hiong : First of all, I love badminton and it allows me to go places which I can only dream of. Nonetheless, it is my childhood dream to represent Singapore at such an International event, wearing the Singapore jersey. Last but not least, I want my 2 kids at home to feel proud when they see me on TV. And it's also to set a good example for them, as in terms of believing in themes and pursuing their dreams. 

4) As a badminton trainer yourself, do you have a few words about your current coach (Coach Koh) and how has he brought out the best in you?
Chee Hiong : He was my teammate while we were training together in the National youth team. We have known each other for 30 years exactly. And during the time, we were selected to train at the National Youth Intermediate Squad. We don’t really have a “coach and player” relationship, but rather we treat each other like good old friends. He has been very supportive in providing the players to spar and train with me. There’s a lot of planning and logistics involved and it is not an easy job. I sincerely appreciate his efforts and if not for him, I would not have the intention pick up the racquet again after my accident. 

5)What are you hoping to achieve in Cambodia and what's next for your badminton career in 2023?
Chee Hiong :
Firstly, I hope to achieve a medal for Singapore. Thereafter, I’ll still be going to a few other cities for BWF (Badminton World Federation) to continue and chase for my Olympic qualification. 

Chee Hiong 6Team Singapore's shuttler Ang Chee Hiong in action. Photo Credit : Parabadmintonphoto.com


Q : What is your Pre-Match ritual (if any)?
Chee Hiong : A cold shower in the morning and listen to classical music before the match. 

Q : Do you have a favourite go-to song before the start of a game?
Chee Hiong : Yes. Depending on what’s my game plan, I will listen to different types of music to set me in the mood. 

Q : Do you have a pre-match meal, snack or drink before a game?
Chee Hiong : Typically simple carbo like bread and butter. 

Q : Your favourite Badminton Player in the world and why?
Chee Hiong : Loh Kean Yew - because he made Singapore’s name stand out in the badminton world. 

Q : Do you have a favourite personal momento/souvenir from your years in playing Badminton? 
Chee Hiong :
My favourite momentos are the 2 photos (see below) from the Thailand Para International and Bahrain Para International. 


Momento 1

Momento 2Chee Hiong competed in 2023 Thailand Para International and Bahrain Para International. Photo Credit : SNPC


Chee Hiong Coach 1(2nd from Left) Coach Koh Gee Boo. Photo Credit : SNPC


(Coach Koh Gee Boo)

Q : Can you briefly describe Chee Hiong's form going into Cambodia?
Coach Koh : I’ve gone through what he should work on. His focus. The main issues is that he is inconsistent. He is physically fit for the competition. He knows all the players and has competed against them before. What he really needs is to get into the “zone” quickly, as past competitions proved that he is slow in being warmed up for the match. 

2)What have you been working on in terms of playing technique, in the leadup to the APG?
Coach Koh : His attacking shots are his forte. But he is weak when he was being pushed at both ends of the rear courts, given his age. He is not as agile as before. So I’ve been feeding him multiple shots to at least, let him get used to neutralize the rear shots by his opponents. 

3)What are you hoping for him to achieve in his 2nd APG?
Coach Koh : I hope he can get to the semi finals and achieve a medal for Singapore. 


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