Nurturing An Athlete

Written by Tay Jing Yi

This article is part of Active Parents� From Parents to Parents series, brought to you in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic, School of Management and Communication. 

Cassandra Lee, 34, is a full-time working mother to her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Mikaela Lee. She started her fitness journey in commercial gyms. Her interest grew when she saw results - positive physical and psychological improvements, prompting her to adopt good eating habits and participate in sports such as Muay Thai, Weightlifting, and CrossFit.

As Mrs. Lee states, �Active parents, active children, it comes hand in hand.�

According to Mrs. Lee, parents are the best role models for their children. She sets the best example by having a room dedicated to gym equipment and regularly exercising in front of Mikaela.

Mrs. Lee dedication paid off when she witnessed her daughter lifting 1.5kg weight plates and doing the farmers walk around the house. The farmer's walk, also known as the farmer's carry, is a strength and conditioning workout in which one walks for a certain distance while carrying a heavy load in each hand. On multiple occasions, Mikaela would prompt her parents to exercise by urging her parents to mimic her actions. When the family goes for jogs, Mikaela would also constantly encourage her parents to run faster. 

Other than time constraints, the pandemic also posed many obstacles that disrupted the Lee family�s active lifestyle. Mrs. Lee combats these challenges by engaging Mikaela in daily activities that involve physical exertion, such as racing and going on walks.

Mikaela is currently learning how to balance a bike and swim. These activities put in place by Mrs. Lee ensures that Mikaela has a balanced active lifestyle. 

Mrs. Lee encourages families to take baby steps by �planning and prioritizing their time wisely.� She added that one does not have to deliberately send their children to learn a sport. Instead, keeping active can come in the form of simple activities, such as bringing them outdoors or getting them to move their bodies while watching television.

As an Active Parent, Mrs. Lee supports her daughter by exposing her to a variety of sports and activities.

�We are just letting her explore and if we see something that she is interested in, we will not stop her and try to encourage and enable her to pursue the sport.�

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