Fostering An Active Lifestyle

Written by Damian Chong

This article is part of Active Parents� From Parents to Parents series, brought to you in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic, School of Management and Communication. 

Dr. Sohit Anand always places a huge emphasis and importance when it comes to having an active lifestyle. The 39-year-old Regional Oncology Medical Head ensures that he and his family spend at least an hour a day being active, even before the pandemic started.

Some of the activities that he, his wife and five-year-old son participate in, include badminton, family yoga, and occasional dancing activities.

Dr. Sohit believes that being active goes beyond physical activities. He said: �An active lifestyle is not only heading out and doing exercises, but it also involves healthy eating and a good sleep cycle.�

From incorporating daily physical activities to healthy eating, and even maintaining a good posture, Dr. Sohit instils these qualities in his son to ensure a well-rounded development. He plans family activities according to the mood of his child and shares that children have their own way of thinking, and it is important for parents to explain the intentions of the activities.

He also recognises that school plays an important role in supporting parents to influence their children to lead an active lifestyle. �The things taught in school creates a booster effect when fostering an active lifestyle. So, what you do at home, and even what they learn and experience at school, it influences their mindset and behaviour,� explained Dr. Sohit.

Despite the pandemic, Dr. Sohit is grateful that he gets to spend time and bond with his family through badminton games and taking walks at the park. He is glad that his family has fostered an active lifestyle in the last year and looking ahead, he wishes to continue the routines.

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