By Circle Editorial Team

Couple Workout

Happy Valentines’ Day Singapore!

Don’t let calories take your breath away on this special occasion. We’ve put together a list of 9 fun couple exercises and activities that you can do with your beau on Valentines’ Day that not only brings you closer but keeps the both of you fit.


Couple Rock Climbing

1. Saving Money

Even if you or your beau doesn’t already climb, going on a rock climbing date together can still be a great idea. Performing a physically engaging activity like rock climbing will get the adrenaline and endorphins flowing in both of you. You and your beau are likely to associate this feeling of exhilaration with each other.

Working together as a team, excitement for each other’s success, being responsive to each other’s needs, and willingness to step up in challenges are just a few identifiable strengths in a relationship. All of these are brought to the forefront when you climb together. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of reaching a common target!


outdoor-archery-lesson-2021-08-26-18-37-05-utc2. Couple Archery

If you aren’t looking to get all sweaty early on Valentines’ Day, you could go on an archery date instead. The sport is a great way for one to stay active without requiring much physical exertion. And like rock climbing, it is fun even if both of you are inexperienced. Learning a new skill together makes for a great bonding session, after all.


Tandem Cycling3. Tandem Cycling

Tandem cycling is a really picturesque dating activity that commonly appears in romantic scenes. If watching it gets those butterflies in your heart fluttering, why not try it out for yourself? Best of all, it is safe and extremely convenient for couples of unequal riding ability.

If this isn’t sweet enough for you, how about mapping the cycling route in the shape of a heart? Or initials, whichever rocks your boat. There are various apps out there that not only tell you which route to take, but also calculate the calories burnt.


Couple Cooking

4. Cooking

Cooking for Valentines’ Day is actually a great activity that checks a lot of boxes. Firstly, a cooking date is always more than just the food. Ingredient sourcing and the actual meal preparation both allow for couples to engage in conversation in a more relaxed environment. Putting the control of these two steps in your own hands is the most straightforward way to both reduce and calculate caloric intake.

Even the eventual cleaning up can provide a nice workout, as you two cooperate to complete a common task.

Whipping up a delicious meal is also friendly on your wallet, or if you are unable to make a reservation at a restaurant for whatever reason.


5. Pucker-Up Plank Pikes

Pucker up! It’s time for a fun exercise that couples can do to get lovey-dovey while satisfying their fitness needs! Start in a plank position, resting on your elbows directly beneath your shoulders. Aim to make a straight line with your body; keep your back straight at all times. Tighten your core and glutes and drive your hips toward the ceiling as high as possible. Pause for a moment at the apex and then lower yourself back into a plank for a quick smooch.

If that is not challenging enough for you, why not gamify it by incorporating the Pepero Game into the routine? Just substitute the Pepero stick with a piece of tissue and pass it when moving from the pike position into a plank.


6. Couple Carry Sit Ups

The regular couple sit up is not too different from a regular sit up, just using each other to provide resistance on the feet. Why not make it harder and hotter for yourself? Only one is actually doing the sit up in this workout, wrapping his/her legs around the partner, who will be hoisting the other by the glutes. This is quite challenging, but with little time and practice you may be able to do the hottest couples workout (and maybe make your friends jealous on TikTok - follow us there while you are at it!).


7. Wall Sit + Tricep Dips

A simple exercise that provides quality time. One partner does a wall sit, while the other does tricep dips on the other’s bent legs.


8. Partner Press

Yet another simple exercise that requires nothing but each other’s body weight. It is the bench press, but over your partner. It is a good opportunity to get lost in each other’s eyes, but don’t actually fall physically into each other for the sake of romance. You don’t want to pick up an avoidable injury on Valentines’, of all days!


9. Pistol Squats

Pistol squats are quite a step up from the regular squat for they are more demanding in terms of balance and strength. Keeping balanced on just one leg is already a tough ask for some, so imagine doing so while doing a squat, when that one leg is required to support one’s entire body weight.

Working with your beau in tandem for this challenge provides both of you with a counterbalance to your body weight, helping you sink lower than you otherwise could alone.


A couple that works out together, stays together. As cliche as that may sound, it does actually make sense - after all, knowing that you aren’t alone in your fitness journey not only benefits your physical health, but also the health of your relationship. So what are you waiting for? Follow your heart and let your (sweet)heart lead you!


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