Don�t give up, don�t stop trying

Written by Raushana Binte Shaik Mohamed Salim; Artwork by Tanya Shroff.

This article is part of Active Parents� Meet the Coaches series, brought to you in collaboration with Republic Polytechnic, School of Management and Communication. 

Ho Chin Ching, 42, is an ActiveSG Volleyball Academy coach and has been nurturing students over 14 years in her career. Seeing her students grow as a person and an athlete brings her immense joy. Having started off as a Physical Education teacher, Chin Ching then moved on to be an adjunct lecturer in volleyball, netball, as well as health and wellness. She has witnessed her students improve in different aspects and feels rewarded when she sees them learn and bounce back from adversities.

Through her experience, she has adopted a personal teaching mantra: �I believe in never giving up.�

As she teaches her students the importance of resilience, Chin Ching walks the talk and embraces it in her own teaching philosophy. Although the diverse profile of her students makes it challenging at times to ensure everyone's learning needs are always met, Chin Ching never stops trying to give her best. She remains unfazed by the difficulties in ensuring each and every student under her care grows as an athlete. The underlying belief that fuels Chin Ching�s passion in coaching is that every student should have the opportunity to grow, especially with a generous amount of encouragement and guidance.

For Chin Ching, these teachings are not confined to the learning environment in school. She mirrors the same attitudes and adopts a similar approach at home in raising her three children to be resilient. She prizes quality time, such as bonding as a family over the teppanyaki table, and establishes the need to bond over physical activities.

She explains, �We will find time to exercise together such as jogging, cycling, swimming or just relaxing in the pool, going to the beach or park, hiking, and exploring places around Singapore.�

Chin Ching is well aware of the many challenges that come with being an athlete. This is why she does not give up on her students and children, the same way she teaches them to never give up on themselves.

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