(Cycling Rocks event on 20 Mar 2022.  Photo Credit :  RIDEnjoySG)


As of March 2022, the 'Blended' Initiative (which was announced in 2020) has supported 40 local events and is expected to engage approximately 150,000 participants. This is a clear indication that both, the local events industry and fellow Singaporeans, have embraced technology and the ‘phygital’ or the ‘blended’ way of consuming sport and participating in sports events. And that's while continuing to remain safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Following last month's Committee of Supply announcement in Parliament by Mr Edwin Tong (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth), Sport Singapore unveiled the 3rd edition of the Blended Initiative – ‘Blended Events Grant-Bring Sport Back’. More than $2.5 million has been set aside to fund mass participation events at up to $50,000 per award under the grant. Eligible businesses including event management companies and organisers, academies and clubs, as well as facility operators are welcome to submit their applications via ActiveSG Circle

Let's take a look at 2 of the success stories (below) from the Blended initiative. 



(The Ridenjoy App which was launched in Dec 2021. Photo Credit : RIDEnjoy)


1 of the success stories from the Blended initiative was the creation of "RIDEnjoy". This is an App which was launched last December. And the App helps cyclists in Singapore, to better plan their routes and journeys using just cycling paths and park connectors.
Following the launch of the App, the "RIDEnjoySG Challenge" was also announced. This is a phygital challenge organized by Empower, a grant recipient of SportSG's Blended initiative. This innovative campaign encourages participants to cycle safely on bike paths and park connectors using the RIDEnjoy app, while enjoying real-world rewards and gamification via location-based challenges and augmented reality. 
Cycling Rocks
(Cycling Rocks event on 20 Mar 2022.  Photo Credit :  RIDEnjoy)
For an app that promotes riding joy, it’s fitting that the finale of the RIDEnjoySG Challenge was held on the International Day of Happiness (20 March). Smiles, cheers and laughter were a-plenty, as 90 finalists between 12 to 72 years old, competed in Swift cycling at Shimano Cycling World, at the Singapore Sports Hub.


(Cycling Rocks event on 20 Mar 2022.  Photo Credit :  RIDEnjoy)
For several participants, it was their first time enjoying gamified cycling on a road-bike. And winning both the Open and Sportive finals was Daryl Chan, 40, who usually rides a Brompton. The Family Fun final saw parent-child teams using a Smoothie Bike to see who can produce the most smoothies, while participants at home enjoyed a live-streamed Celebrity Challenge and a Brompton foldable was given away in the Lucky Draw. 
Family Challenge-2


(Cycling Rocks event on 20 Mar 2022.  Photo Credit :  RIDEnjoy)
To qualify for the finale, participants had 80 days to enjoy the RIDEnjoySG Game using the Ridenjoy app to collect JoyPoints located island-wide on roads, park connectors and cycling paths. While out cycling, participants could also take augmented-reality selfies at JoyBeacons and enjoy deals at JoyStop merchants. 

Based on their mileage, participants were rewarded in-app with virtual jerseys from green (200km), pink (500km), polka dot (1,000km) to yellow (2,000km). 


Top qualifier for Open (262 JoyPoints) and Sportive (1,675 JoyPoints) was retiree Andy Tan, 61 – who took home a ‘Special Achievement’ trophy and a yellow cycling jersey.  “I used the app almost every-day as it offers real-world and digital experiences” explained Andy, who accrued 5,266km using RIDEnjoy. “I love the family atmosphere of RIDEnjoy as it unites riders from all walks of life and cultures. It doesn’t how fast you are or what bike you ride as long as you share the joy of cycling.” In 99 days, 15,776 registered for the app and amassed 116,910km in mileage. 

(RIDEnjoy Co-founder Kelvin Phang)


Said Kelvin Phang, 50, Chief Joy Officer, “We would like to thank everyone in the cycling community for embracing us and this proves that there are significant numbers of cyclists who want to navigate around the island without using busy roads. We are glad, many understand that RIDEnjoy’s user-powered map will only get better with more users and more inputs.”



(TRI-Factor Bike Asia Challenge 2022. Video Credit : Orange Room Asia)


After launching their first event in Singapore since the pandemic started, event organisers Orange Room Asia hosted its first TRI-Factor community event. About 100 cyclists gathered on 26 Feb 2022 at the Singapore Sports Hub, to celebrate this milestone. An exclusive by-invite only event, participants hailed from different cycling groups, creating a sense of togetherness for the cycling community in Singapore, as new friendships were forged.

The TRI-Factor Bike Asia Virtual Challenge (a "blended" event with both virtual and physical elements) ran from 29 Jan - 13 Mar 2022 and featured two categories – Competitive and Open. For the competitive category, participants could choose to complete 500km individually or form a team of 2-4 riders to complete 1,000km. The open category targets recreational riders and offers the options of an individual challenge to complete 100km or a team effort to clock 500km. The physical challenge of this event was held on 26 Feb at the Singapore Sports Hub for the 100 by-invite only cyclists.

"I’ve always enjoyed cycling as part of my fitness regime and I think an event like this is fantastic as it allows me to integrate into the cycling community and make new friends, instead of just doing it by myself. I’m grateful that TRI-Factor invited me for this and I hope to attend more in future!” said 2019 SEA Games Athlete, Nicholas Rachmadi.

Steven Chan, Principal Coach of Team bodyFUEL further added, "We ride regularly as a group, meeting up a few times a week. But we usually ride within our own club. I felt that this was a very meaningful initiative, because we got to interact with cyclists from other clubs. We love the TRI-Factor Bike Asia Challenge for giving us a reason to do something together and this Celebratory Ride just gave us more reason to like it!” 

Eligible businesses including event management companies and organisers, academies and clubs, as well as facility operators are welcome to submit their applications via ActiveSG Circle