Mr Ng Jiawei had left his handphone in the Sengkang Sport Centre toilet one Sunday morning. It was picked up by a member of the public and brought to the guest office. Gladys and  Nasri were on duty and received the phone.

Going beyond the call of duty, Gladys took her own initiative to walk around the sport centre, including the McDonald's restaurant and the Community Centre looking for the children whose photos were used as the wallpaper on the phone. The Sunday morning crowd at the facility did not deter Gladys who was determined to unite the handphone with its owner. It took her some time, but she spotted a very anxious Mr Ng in the crowd and offered assistance, to Mr Ng's relieve.

Both Gladys and Nasri demonstrated empathy and patience when interacting with their guests. Even though their surrounding environment is busy and noisy, they exude calmness and professionalism. Their friendliness and kindness inspire their guests to trust their service delivery.

"Ms Gladys could have remained in the air-conditioned office to wait for the owner of the lost phone to claim the phone, she did not. Instead, she went out into the heat and crowd to proactively look for the owner. I feel grateful to Gladys, if not for her I would have had to cancel all my numerous personal and banking protocols tied to the phone because my phone wasn't even locked!"  
"They (Ms Gladys and Mr Nasri) are indeed great ambassadors of Singapore's public service which embodies strong virtues of honesty, public-first centricity and professionalism!"

~ Ng Jiawei, Sengkang SC guest

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