Photo credit:  Damelza Harris-Olsen/Uptown Salty

Which sport is a blend of surfing, kayaking, balancing, the occasional yoga, and probably swimming?


It’s Stand-Up Paddling – or SUP for short!

As its name suggests, SUP is where one stands upright on a surfboard and uses a paddle to navigate their way through the waters.

Hailing from Hawaii, the original land of sun and seas, SUP is a fun workout that you can do while enjoying a juicy dose of Vitamin Sea and D!

Its popularity is evident in the ranks of celebrities who enjoy it too! Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Matt Damon, chart-topping singers like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, Supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Bar Refaeli, and even F1 driver Lewis Hamilton have all been spotted paddling away.

There are many different ways to enjoy SUP, whether you want to achieve a more defined muscle tone, relax in the great outdoors, or partake in some competitive action. Check them out below!


Get a full-body workout!

Maintaining your balance atop the paddle board trains your core muscles and engages your lower body, while paddling against resistance from the water tones your arms and upper body too.


Relax and unwind

While SUP can be a physically gruelling workout, it can also be mentally relaxing. SUP does not require wind or waves, so you can enjoy paddling in the calm, idyllic coastal waters of Singapore.


Group up with friends or family

Want to enjoy a day of water sports with friends and/or family? There are classes for kids, beginners, and more experienced paddlers too. Sign up for a group class to enjoy this fun activity together!


Enjoy a fresh spin on your usual exercise

SUP is fancy way to spice up your yoga and Pilates sessions as it lets you stow your exercise mat and practice on the water instead.

Thanks to its similarities with other water sports, SUP is also a great way to improve your performance at surfing, wakeboarding, canoeing, dragon boating and more.


Make it meaningful

Some SUP groups offer eco-friendly programs, where participants can embark on sustainable activities like coastal clean-ups, nature tours, marine life observation and environmental monitoring. It’s a wonderful way to commit and contribute to an important cause.


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