By Circle Editorial Team

Love Yourself

In the midst of relentless Valentines’ Day marketing, it is not uncommon for singles to feel worthless due to the lack of interest in them - some assume that not having a partner stems from them being unlovable, leading to a vicious cycle of self-hate. This is a really unhealthy mindset to have from rampant consumerist propaganda. Don’t let yourself mire in the downward spiral! Engage in Singles Awareness Day activities that can help you reinforce your love for yourself.


Self Care

1. Learn and practice Self Care

Mentally well individuals are in control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviour; helping them better handle challenges, build strong relationships, and enjoy life. Conversely, a habit of self-loathing indicates a lesser likelihood of proper self-care, resulting in the neglect of their physical wellbeing.

This is why it is even more important for singles to practise self-care. In your free time today, do whatever self-care practices make you feel and look your best. These small little things you can do to boost your appearance will instantly make you feel good about yourself regardless of your relationship status.



2. Work on your Physical Self

While you need to feel good to look good, often times the reverse holds true too. During exercise, the release of hormones like endorphin and dopamine contribute to the sense of happiness and achievement. Such feelings are imperative to maintain and/or improve mental health.

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22 Things Hiking

3. Go on a Hike

For the outdoor fanatics, going on a hike can be a great way to celebrate Single Awareness Day. It is relaxing, meditative, and a good chance to bask in the scenic greenery of Singapore. You are in complete control of the trail, destination, duration, and more. You can embark on this refreshing journey with a similarly unattached friend, or alone. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone along the way!



4. Pick up a new skill

If you are used to doing things with a partner, it can be slightly disorienting to figure out what you like to do to make yourself feel good. All the more motivation you need to find a new hobby that allows you to unwind without having to worry about social interactions. Pick up a new skill and keep the stakes low at first so the more you accomplish it successfully, the more it’ll boost your confidence.

One such skill we recommend would be surfing. Not the web kind, of course, even if you are harbouring hopes of being the next friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Surfing requires complete focus and concentration so is a great way to step away from day-to-day life and wipe away the effects of stress. As a vigorous exercise, surfing is also great for burning calories and building up to that sweet summer bod. Best of all, it is low impact, so there is less burden on your knees and hips than running!



5. Live Better Through Sports

Sports has this unique ability to inspire pride and excellence in people’s lives as they are empowered to reach their full potential. Best of all, it is fun, relatively low cost, and a good socializing opportunity to form relationships both new and old.

Many of the popular sports activities are either team-based, like football and basketball, or require at least one sparring partner, as is the case for racquet sports like badminton and tennis. In the spirit of Singles Awareness Day, we would like to recommend squash (the sport, not the fruit).

When played competitively, one is pit against another player. However, squash is unique in the sense that you can practise efficiently alone. As it is an indoor sport, even foul weather can’t stop you from letting loose with each satisfying thunk and thud!


Even if Singles Awareness Day abbreviates to SAD, one doesn’t have to actually be sad to commemorate it. Celebrate singlehood (and freedom )with sports and work on yourself to be a better person!


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