Active Health puts a new spin on active ageing

By Gary Yang

New Spin To Active Ageing 1Note: This photo is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

If active ageing to you only means a group of seniors practising Tai Chi and playing chess at the void deck, stop stereotyping and check out what these awesome seniors are doing as part of the Active Health for Seniors programme.

As we get older, it is important to stay active to maintain our body’s fitness levels and this is where the Active Health for Seniors programme comes in handy.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Wong Sow Lin, 69 and Lim Moh Kin, 62, and 16 other seniors from Punggol Emerald Senior Activity Centre, enjoyed a day out at the ActiveSG Sengkang Sport Centre’s swimming pool, as part of the programme. It was their first time entering the pool after a 40-year hiatus and when being interviewed, they both spoke about the health and social benefits of sports.

Not a swimmer or prefer something more relaxed? No problem!

Madam Siti, 83, was referred to the Tampines Greenwood Senior Activity Centre (SAC) by her medical social worker from All Saints Home in 2017. Back then, she suffered from social isolation and was not responding well to the programmes at All Saints Home.

Going to the centre keeps Madam Siti occupied as she enjoys the company of the other seniors. Even though she does not speak much, she often joins in to chit chat with the others after the morning exercises.

New Spin To Active Ageing 2
Note: This photo is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the Active Health for Seniors programme was introduced, Madam Siti discovered new activities such as the “ladder toss” and memory card games which she enjoyed playing. However, her favourite activity is the modified version of table tennis, which she has not played or seen before previously.

Madam Siti is enjoying the current programme and has expressed interest to try out other ActiveSG and Active Health facilities and programmes in future, as they have brought her joy and confidence.

New Spin To Active Ageing 3
Note: This photo is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, Tampines Greenwood had plans to engage the seniors in pool exercises at the ActiveSG Sport Centes, but unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, it did not materialise.

Madam Siti’s daughter, Fauziah, shared that she would recommend ActiveSG and Active Health to friends who have aged ones at home, as the programme is fun for seniors and the exercises help them to improve physically and mentally!

Trying to stay fit and healthy but having trouble finding “kakis”? Then the Active Health for Seniors programme is perfect for you.

New Spin To Active Ageing 4
Note: This photo is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poon Yuet Ling, and her sister, Poon Yeen Ling, aged 75 and 78 respectively, joined the Senior Activity Centre (SAC) because the exercises conducted at the centre were engaging and kept their body fit and healthy.

They visit the SAC daily as they enjoy making new friends and exercising together. The Active Health programme also provides them with a platform to interact with other people and stay active even at their age, which enables them to stay positive and have fun at the same time.

New Spin To Active Ageing 5
Note: This photo is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yeen Ling’s favourite segment is the “ladder toss” game while Yuet Ling enjoys all exercises as it enables her to strengthen her upper body and stay focused.

The duo enjoy the great outdoors and would love to take part in activities such as brisk walking, excursions and gardening. The adventurous Yeen Ling is also keen to try out some virtual computer games! Who said esports is only for youngsters?

New Spin To Active Ageing 6
Note: This photo is taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked about their interest to join ActiveSG and Active Health interest groups for seniors, or volunteer as a Team Nila Silver Champion, both sisters expressed interest and hope to be able to contribute.

Yuet Ling added that she is keen to join any programme to stay active and healthy. The pair also encourages seniors to join in the ActiveSG or Active Health programmes as they have personally experienced and reaped the benefits from the wholesome programmes!

Active ageing is for everyone and not just for the super fit or active folks. If you are looking forward to being an active and independent senior too, why not give it a go today and take ownership of your own health?


Gary Yang is a myActiveSG Editor and Presenter. Gary started his career as a suit cum copywriter at an advertising agency, followed by a successful stint in Corporate Communications with Singapore Press Holdings and Asia Pacific Breweries, before eventually joining the editorial team at Sport Singapore. He now turns his attention to fitness and wellness headlines and sniffing out news angles in the sporting arena.

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