By Yeo Chee Yew


Happy New Year, Singapore!

How's your new year's resolutions coming along? With 2022 set to be a bumper year for sports, it is only fitting that health and fitness are top of our agenda. After all, a healthy body sets us up for the long road ahead like no other!

Rounded off 2021 in good form like us? Why not keep the momentum going into the new year! Read on to find out how you can either lose those flab for good, or give your mind and body that much needed refresh!

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Speaking with someone

8. Speaking to Someone

There is no health without mental health. In our pursuit for physical fitness, we should not neglect the maintenance of our mental acuity.

Prolonged stress can lead to burnout, or in the current landscape, pandemic fatigue. Relieving those stress can be as as simple as talking to a family member, friend, or even a colleague that you can trust.

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Active Health Webinar

9. Attending Active Health Webinars

For those new to fitness, or facing bottlenecks in their endeavors, it is definitely useful to learn more about the various concepts so as to find the one that best fits his/her daily life.

Framed around the effects of fast-paced changes and related challenges on “live-work-play” trends, Active Health’s latest series of webinars feature key industry experts and thought leaders as they navigate trending topics to harness health and wellness in building a high performing individual.

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22 Things Yoga

10. Yoga

Yoga is an interesting activity that one can try with no prior experience. Practitioners can use it to satisfy a variety of needs, whether it be to socialize, keep fit, or stress management.

As such, there are multiple styles to choose from: Bikram Yoga, where you practice in a hot sauna to lose weight and increase metabolism; Hatha Yoga, for relaxation purposes; and more.

Get your yoga fix from the comforts of your home with these sessions on Watch now!


22 Things Pilates

11. Pilates

Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that can induce a reduction in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

While all you really need is a mat, interested individuals can also try out reformer Pilates for more variation and extra resistance.


22 Things Water Aerobics

12. Water Aerobics

The buoyancy of water helps reduce pressure on the joints by supporting one’s body weight. It also eliminates the concern about falls and issues associated with other types of workouts. This makes Water Aerobics is the ideal low impact exercise that even the pregnant or elderly can participate in.


22 Things Hiking

13. Hiking

Hiking has been proven to reduce anxiety by quieting the mind and allowing you to zone in on your breathing.

Doing this alone is enough to give you a spiritual and rejuvenating adventure. Add to that by sharing the experience with friends - it brings you closer together to form lasting bonds.

With so many trails to choose from, Singapore is truly a hiker’s paradise. Grab a buddy and hit the woods today!



14. Volunteering

If you are looking to stay physically, mentally and socially active in the community, why not do it for a good cause?

Give back to society by volunteering for a cause you believe in. Besides helping others, volunteering is beneficial to ourselves too by helping us stay connected with society and giving us a sense of satisfaction and purpose.

Check out Team Nila and SportCares for some activities you can participate in while contributing back to society today!

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There is really no replacement for physical event participation. With one eye on the need to remain safe on our path back to normalcy, it is understandable if one is wary of heading outdoors for fitness purposes. Why not try SportSG's new initiative - Blended?

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