Visit the latest addition to the Active Health family today!

Active Health is proud to unveil Active Health Discovery at Decathlon Northshore Plaza, our second space with Decathlon! Have fun exploring our movement zones with assessments and challenges (Vertical Jump Test, Hexagon Test, Sit-to-Stand Test, Start with 60 and ActiveFIT fitness and health assessment).

Decathlon at Northshore Plaza (Near level 1 entrance)
Address: 407 Northshore Drive #01-27 to #01-35 Singapore 820407
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Leaderboard Challenges

Duration: 29 October  to 7 November 2021

Do you know how healthy and fit you are?

Top the Active Health Leaderboard Challenges and win prizes!

Hexagon Test

Sit-to-Stand Test

Vertical Jump Test


Test your speed, agility, and change of direction

Test your lower body muscular endurance

Test your lower body muscular power

Test your overall fitness

Fastest completion time (sec)

Highest number of repetitions in 1 min

Maximal height (cm)

Highest score out of 100


Top winner* of each category wins an Active Health Fitness & Health Assessment programme ($7) and Decathlon gift card ($20)
*Terms & conditions apply.

To celebrate the opening, we have a slew of fun and educational activities planned for you, so be sure to drop by and try them out!

You can also complete simple quizzes at the interactive kiosks and learn tips to Move & Rest Better.

But wait, there’s more!

From 10 November 2021 onwards, catch Active Health Coaches every Wednesday from 3-8pm & Saturday from 2-5pm (except PH), try out the Functional Movement Screen teaser to identify imbalances in your mobility and stability, and learn ways to move well before you move often!

My Family's Journey to Better Health

Take care of your family better by signing up for Active Health’s workshops here. Understand more about your health and wellness, and learn tips to stay active and healthy as a family. 

Get together with your family on this journey to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle through fun and interactive activities. Build smart goals and adopt healthy habits together with your child towards a healthier family!

Discover Active Health today! See you there!