BigpixTeamSG's Indoor Volleyballers and Coaching staff, who will be heading to compete in Cambodia 2023. Photo Credit : Volleyball Singapore


Singapore's hosting of the Southeast Asian Games in 1993, was the last time the Republic's Men's team stood on the Volleyball medals podium. Following that bronze medal finish 30 years ago, TeamSG has yet return to the top-3 medals position. And as for Singapore's Women's team, their last podium finish was also a bronze when the Lion City hosted the biennial Games in 2015.

Looking ahead to Cambodia 2023, Singapore's volleyballers are under the tutelage of Suntorn Phoseeta. The 54 year old Thai Coach contracted by Volleyball Singapore since 2020, arrived here after stints in Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand etc. Well, for more on Singapore's hopes and preparations, ActiveSG Circle caught up with both team captains and the Secretary General, Volleyball Singapore. 

Min Chong with President Cambodia Fed and Sg ambassador to Cambodia pic 3Chia Min Chong (Red top) with President of Cambodian Volleyball Federation. Photo Credit : Min Chong


Chia Min Chong (Secretary General, Volleyball Singapore)

Q : How do you feel about sending both teams to Cambodia for the SEA Games?
Min Chong : We are ecstatic that both of our men and women’s teams received the nod from Singapore National Olympic Committee. It has been extremely challenging for both teams as they had limited opportunities to play competitively during the global pandemic where competitions are cancelled and travelling curtailed. However, since the news of our selection for Cambodia 2023, both the men and women's team members are energised, in high spirits and rallying to do their best for the 32nd SEA Games.

Q : It’s been 30 years since our Men’s team finished on the podium standings (Bronze in 1993 SEAG). Hence, what are your thoughts of the current Men’s squad heading to Cambodia?
Min Chong : I think this is one of our strongest teams assembled in a long time. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s (as I was told), the decision was made to focus on the women’s team and subsequently on beach volleyball. We lost generations of athletes as a result of that decision. The new board in 2018 however, embarked on a plan to reinvigorate both men’s and women’s indoor volleyball. It's not been an easy journey to date. The men’s team has been going overseas to compete leading up to this SEA Games and I think the most honest comments come from our neighbours – “Not the finished product yet but packs a good punch.”

333882186_1271713307088134_6716688767138473693_nTeamSG finished 2nd in the Four Nations Cup in Maldives in February 2023. Photo Credit : Volleyball Singapore


Q : With the bronze medal win in 2015, how do you feel about the preparations of our Women’s Team?
Min Chong : Our Women’s team did not qualify in 2017, 2019 and 2021 even after a commendable performance in 2015. Many of the athletes who trained for these editions held on to their dreams and I would really like to applaud them. Preparations for the upcoming Games in Cambodia have been good. The team did have their fair share of challenges along the way, but managed to overcome them. Their recent training trips in Indonesia and 4-Nations Cup in Maldives (where they emerged as Champion) is a testament of their dedication and hard work. I know the team has been training hard while juggling their personal commitments. And I don’t believe you can find a group of ladies as committed as them and I am happy to be proven wrong!

Q : What are you hoping to achieve from both teams at the 32nd SEA Games?
Min Chong : I hope to see competitive showing by both teams at the 32nd SEA Games. While we have improved, so did our neighbours. Teams are not built over night, so I am being realistic about results and fair to our athletes. Our coaches and team managers have also worked very hard to bring the team to where it is now. We've been known as pushovers in the past and this time I want the teams to show that we are no longer pushovers. We may not win but you will definitely be bruised against us.

333991647_3485083795069341_4873174745548264738_nTeamSG finished 1st in the Four Nations Cup in Maldives in February 2023. Photo Credit : Volleyball Singapore


Q : What can Singaporeans expect to see from both of our squads at the Games?
Min Chong : Like Singapore, we are “small” but we are not pushovers. The teams will put up a competitive showing in Phnom Penh.

Team Draw Men IndoorOfficial Men's Teams' Draw for 32nd SEA Games. Image Credit : Volleyball Singapore


338930594_589593379774488_5392929926713513404_nTeamSG's training camp in Cambodia in March 2023. Photo Credit : Volleyball Singapore


Teddy Teo (Captain, Singapore's Men's Volleyball Squad)
Age : 25
No of Years in Team Singapore : 5
No of Years playing Volleyball : 15

Q : This is your 2nd SEAG campaign. How are you feeling ahead of the Cambodia Games?
Teddy : Going into my 2nd SEA Games at Cambodia, I’m feeling more confident than the first, because now I know what to expect and how competitive and strong the other teams are. Also, the team and I have also matured in terms of mental capacity and physical strength compared to our 1st SEAG. Thus, I feel that we are a better squad heading towards Cambodia!

Q : Take us through your training preparations for Cambodia 2023?
Teddy : We have participated in several competitions against countries in the Southeast Asian region and had a taste of the current standard of the teams participating. We also travelled to Cambodia and had a friendly with the host nation, which helped us to adjust to their play style and the environment.

Teddy w National FlagTeddy Teo (Captain, Singapore's Men's Team). Photo Credit : Teddy Teo


Q : 2023 marks your 5th year with TeamSG. How would you describe your current squad's chemistry?
Teddy :
As this squad was formed in 2018, this bunch of boys has been through many ups and downs with me. For the first few years, the team was still raw and had many disagreements on each other’s work and playing style. As young adults then, I felt that our team was lacking in many aspects of the games. But recently, I believe the team has really matured a lot in terms of the way we communicate problems, react to adversities, moving to resolve issues and the team chemistry is better as a whole.

Q : How important is this SEA Games campaign for you and who will your team likely face in Phnom Penh?
Teddy : SEA Games have always been the competition that our team looked forward to. Every competition and friendly that we'd participated in, was for the preparation for SEAG. My team and I know how important the opportunity to represent the country at the biennial event is and we will give our best in all of our performances! Regarding our draw, we will be playing Indonesia (defending champions), Cambodia (3rd place in 2021 SEAG), plus the Philippines who were 2nd in the 2015 SEA Games.

Q : What are you hoping to achieve in Cambodia and what's next for Indoor Volleyball in 2023?
Teddy : Personally, I would want to gain as much experience from players participating in the Games and learn as much as possible from them to become a better volleyball player. As a team, we hope to be able to stand on the podium at the end of the Cambodia campaign, as it is our target this upcoming SEA Games.

Teddy spiking ballTeddy Teo (Red) representing Team Singapore. Photo Credit  : Teddy Teo


Q : What is your Pre-Game ritual (if any)?
Teddy : Bathe and poo. No phones 1 hour before the match. Foam roll in the morning and Pray.

Q : Do you have a favourite go-to song before the start of a game?
Teddy : Jimmy Cooks by Drake or Die for you by The Weeknd

Q : Do you have a pre-game meal, snack or drink before a game?
Teddy : 2 bananas, 2 scoop double chocolate protein and Loads of water

Teddy grp photoTeamSG finished 2nd in the Four Nations Cup in Maldives in February 2023. Photo Credit : Volleyball Singapore


Q : Your favourite Volleyballer in the world and why?
Teddy : Earvin Ngapeth. Smartest and most efficient volleyball player, does not spike the hardest nor jump the highest, but is well-rounded in every aspect of the game with high IQ.

Q : Do you have a favourite personal memento/souvenir from your 15 years in Volleyball? 
Teddy : The photo (above) is special as we finished 2nd in the Maldives 4 Nations Cup. That was just 2 months ago, and it's a great motivator as we head towards Cambodia 2023!

Team Draw Women IndoorOfficial Women's Teams' Draw for 32nd SEA Games. Image Credit : Volleyball Singapore


336216635_591710316310924_6145978747605580363_nTeamSG's training camp in Thailand in March 2023. Photo Credit : Volleyball Singapore


Lau Ee Shan (Captain, Singapore Women's Team)
Age : 27
No of Years in Team Singapore : 5
No of Years playing Volleyball : 18

To hear from Captain Ee Shan, click on the video profile below.

Profile of Team Singapore Women's Captain, Lau Ee Shan. Video Credit : Sport Singapore 


Q : What is your Pre-Game ritual (if any)?
Ee Shan : Tying my hair with my favourite scrunchies, the colour should either match or complement my jerseys 

Q : Do you have a favourite go-to song before the start of a game?
Ee Shan : Usually, a few songs that are on repeat at that point in time, there isn’t any in particular.

Q : Do you have a pre-game meal, snack or drink before a game?
Ee Shan : Coffee in the morning

Q : Your favourite Volleyballer in the world and why?
Ee Shan : Isabelle Haak and Ozbay Cansu, they play with so much passion for the sport.

Q : Do you have a favourite personal memento/souvenir from your 18 years in Volleyball?
Ee Shan : Pins collected from major games, was fun to ask around and trade pins with athletes from other countries.

Ee Shan mememto pic 3aCollection of Souvenir Pins from Major Games and Competitions. Photo Credit : Lau Ee Shan 


The Indoor Volleyball Competition in Cambodia 2023 begins on 3 May onwards with the Men's competition, while the Women's event kicks off a week later. 


image_6483441-1(From L-R) TeamSG's Mark Shen, Trevis Tan and Kingsley Tay. Missing Melvin Goh. Photo Credit : Volleyball Singapore

Volleyball Singapore is also sending a 8-member Beach Volleyball squad to Cambodia 2023. The sport made its return to the SEAG in 2019, after an absence of 22 years. Meanwhile over in Manila 4 years ago, the Men's team led by Kingsley Tay, finished in a credible 4th position, while our Women's squad settled in 6th place on their debut. 

Last year at the SEA Games in Hanoi, the Republic's Men's team finished in 7th spot while the Women's squad were in 5th place overall. And at the coming Games, Eliza Chong and Phua Zhoa Rong will partner up, while Cecilia Soh and Alicia Tan will be the 2nd pairing in the Women's competition for Team Singapore.

Eliza Chong Phua Zhao Rong2TeamSG's Eliza Chong (left) and Phua Zhoa Rong. Photo Credit  : Volleyball Singapore 


The Beach Volleyball programme at the 32nd SEA Games will take place from 11-16 May in Sihanouk Province, Cambodia.

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