Learn more about how Faiz Aman turned fat to fit, and how anyone can change for the better!

Today’s article features Faiz Aman, a fitness instructor with 8 years of experience in group fitness and dance.

Faiz takes inspiration from instructors who are already in their 60s and still conducting classes. To him, it is especially rewarding when his students get inspired to becoming instructors of their own after attending his classes!

Catch him in action on the Circle here!

When did you start your fitness journey?

I started really late. As a child, I was obese and wasn’t motivated to exercise. My lifestyle for many years were very inactive. And I don’t even watch my diet!

At 18, I started jogging and I saw some changes physically and mentally. That is when I decided to drop my lazy lifestyle and put that behind me and start a new lifestyle.

I wished I started sooner but no age is too late. I am still a work in progress, always learning new things and exploring, discovering my body’s capabilities.

I became a fitness instructor in 2012 because I wanted to prove that anyone can change and that it starts with the right mindset.

Inspiring! Indeed, no age is too late when it comes to fitness. Masters and Seniors should definitely self-care so as to age well. Don’t miss out on industry experts’ advice on the topic in ActiveHealth’s latest series of webinars!

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Where do you most commonly work out?

Home, I invested in a mini gym corner in my bedroom during the Circuit Breaker. But going for a run or even train outdoors is also something I enjoy doing. It’s nice to be working out and have a beautiful panoramic view in front of you!

We definitely feel you there! Everyone knows how difficult it is to remain motivated, to keep fit, in these trying times. Take care of your family better by signing up for ActiveHealth’s workshops here!

When are you the happiest, outside of work/fitness?

I’m happiest when I’m dancing!

Yeah! Show ‘em those moves! Actually, catch him on Circle Watch instead, where he shows how to groove to fitness. Just Dance Lah!

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