By Circle Editorial Team


Gong Xi Fa Cai!


It’s Lunar New Year, and what else better to do than to munch on those tasty festive goodies. Chances are, you ain’t stopping at one. But wait! Don’t bite off more than you can chew! These goodies are notorious for being high in calories. If you don’t work it off, it builds up, turning into the kind of love handles you probably don’t want to be flaunting for Valentines’ Day.

So how about burning those calories off in the Singaporean Son way? IPPT is a yearly affair for every NSmen (unless exempted), making sit-ups, push-ups, and running familiar forms of exercises. How many minutes of each would be required to burn off the calories from a single piece of the festive delicacies? Find out in this table today. We’ve even thrown in light squats for good measure if sit-ups and push-ups are too strenuous for you!


Disclaimer: Calories Burned are based on the average weight of a Singaporean male (~73kg)





Running (5.5min/km)

Squats (Light)

Honeycomb Biscuit


4.5 minutes

3.4 minutes

6.4 minutes

Love Letter


5.6 minutes

4.2 minutes

8 minutes

Pineapple Tart


9.3 minutes

6.9 minutes

13.3 minutes

Peanut Cookie


5.1 minutes

3.8 minutes

7.3 minutes

Kueh Bangkit


2.3 minutes

1.7 minutes

3.3 minutes

Kueh Bahulu


3.4 minutes

2.5 minutes

4.9 minutes

Prawn Crackers


15.2 minutes

11.3 minutes

21.7 minutes

Prawn Rolls


2.3 minutes

1.7 minutes

3.3 minutes

Bak Kwa


30 minutes

22.4 minutes

43 minutes

Nian Gao


4.6 minutes

3.4 minutes

6.6 minutes

Salted Egg Fish Skin


17 minutes

12.7 minutes

24.3 minutes



1.1 minutes

0.8 minutes

1.6 minutes

Poh Chui Cracker


26.1 minutes

19.4 minutes

37.3 minutes


As always, remember to eat in moderation. Overindulgence in even those with relatively fewer calories is still unhealthy.

If IPPT isn’t for you, how about burning those New Year calories with our wide assortment of classes on Watch? From Yoga to HIIT, we’ve got it covered. Check it out today!


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