Office Stretching

We understand that some of you may be office workers who have long working hours, short lunch breaks, and even a lot of overtime commitments. It would be quite a challenge for you to follow a routine gym visit. Or, you are looking for a convenient workout that is short and sweet so you are not forced to lug a bunch of equipment with you.

Fortunately, there are quite a few quick exercises that you can do at your desk or during lunch break. Best of all, these won’t leave you dishevelled for your afternoon work!



Most office workers stand or sit for prolonged periods. Any form of inactivity, whether standing or seated, results in negative health implications. To prevent or reduce stiffness and pain, try simple office stretches several times throughout the day to help keep your muscles from feeling sore and tight.

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Inclined Pushups

Inclined Push Ups

Inclined pushups are a great regression from regular pushups since it exerts less pressure on your joints like the wrists and lower back, while still working out the same muscle groups.

Stand at least two feet away from a steady surface, like a wall.
Place your arms at chest height.
Start to lean your body towards the surface, while tightening your core muscles to protect your spine.

When doing an inclined pushup, focus on proper form and slow, controlled movement.


Seated Leg Raises

Seated Leg Raises

One of the best things about seated leg raises is that you are getting a complex exercise for your abs, glutes, and legs without having to leave your seat.

Sit on a stable chair, grabbing the sides to stabilize yourself.
Lean back slightly while keeping your back straight (not on the backrest of your chair).
Keep your knees closed.
Bring your knees towards your chest.
Lower your knees back to starting position, without letting your feet touch the floor.
Repeat Steps 4 and 5.

When doing the seated leg raises, bring your legs up via your abs, not your thighs.


Seated Lean Back (Body Incline)

The seated lean back is a slightly altered variant of the seated leg raise, following very similar steps while focusing predominantly on your abs.

Sit on a stable chair, grabbing the sides to stabilize yourself.
Keep your knees closed.
Lean backwards as far as possible while keeping your back straight (not on the backrest of your chair).

When doing the seated lean back, keep your abs tight while relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles.


Climbing Stairs


One of the easiest aerobic exercises that you can integrate naturally into your work routine is by simply taking the stairs instead of the lift when you return from lunch.

However, this vertical activity is a lot more taxing than regular exercise on a flat surface. If your office is on a higher level, ease yourself into this routine gradually - replace the final 1-2 levels of your lift ride instead of going for the full distance.


Jump Rope

22 Things Skipping

Skipping, or jump-rope, is an underrated whole-body exercise that works the body's muscles, and as such, it is very effective at improving physical strength and promoting health. It takes up minimal space if you go for the cordless variants. Plus, you can spice it up by incorporating tricks or working out to the beat of your favorite jam!


Remember to keep yourself properly hydrated before and after the workout. Also, pay close attention to your body to prevent overexertion. While you want to keep fit, you don’t want to pick up an injury because of it!