Passing it on through Sports

Young aspirant gives back to the community through Sports just as he benefitted from guidance through the SportCares - Li Foundation MultiSport Programme

By Yeo Chee Yew

Avid runners in Singapore last tasted an in-person race two years ago. Their itch to get back out and running with like-minded fellows was finally scratched over the opening weekend of December in this year's Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM). 4000 participants turned out for this first physical sporting event since the pandemic hit. This year’s SCSM symbolised Singapore’s gradual recovery from the ongoing pandemic, by slowly bringing back the normalcy of major activities through well-thought out planning and enforcement of safety distancing measures.

Not one to miss out on the fun, SportCares also sent their representatives to participate in the Ekiden Relay. One such participant is Nabil, a young aspirant in design under the SportCares - Li Foundation MultiSport Programme (MSP) who is committed to passing it forward.


Nabil, a recent graduate of Northlight School, has a keen interest in sports (especially coaching) and arts. He aspires to be a full-fledged graphic designer at a big agency. He is part of the SportCares Youth Development Pathway.

What is the SportCares Youth Development Pathway?

The SportCares Youth Development Pathway is:

  • A structured training and skills development programme targeted at youths in SportCares programmes who aspire to take up sports coaching as a career in future.
  • Participants are put through a training pathway to eventually obtain full membership in the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).
  • Through the learning, exposure and experience obtained in this programme, participants would also serve as role models and inspire others to pursue their passion.
  • The participants will also be required to give back through volunteer coaching assignments within the various programmes managed by SportCares.

A normal day in Nabil’s life entails studying, training and working on his design portfolio in the library. Take a look at some of his proudest work!

Nabil Portfolio Page1

Nabil Portfolio Page2

Describe yourself prior to your participation in the MultiSport Programme

I was quite an enthusiastic and sporty person, but there was always this sense of being lost. Which I am now able to manage better with the support and encouragement of the MSP family (fellow participants, coaches, and members of the SportCares team).

What is the MultiSport Programme?

SportCares, in collaboration with the Triathlon Association of Singapore (TAS), aims to engage vulnerable youths through the MultiSport Programme. This is done by using 3 foundational sports (Running, Cycling and Swimming). This inclusive community-based programme aims to combine the grit of sport and positive nurturing to create a journey of care for these youths.

Nabil is part of the pioneer batch of 64 participants from the following community partners – Boys’ Town, Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, and NorthLight School.

Tell us more about your involvement in the MSP and how it has empowered you

I’ve been a participant in MSP for about a year and a half. It has allowed me to make new friends, learn how to manage interactions with others and has created this support system for me where I am able to talk to my coaches or SportCares staff (like Mr Irwan and Mr Shawn) whenever I feel down or need some guidance in my journey, as a person, a student, a participant,  a coach. I didn’t expect any of this when I signed up for the programme so it has been a good experience for me so far.

Nabil Indoor

Could you share with us the most memorable moment you had in MSP?

It was during my time at the YESSA Camp back in December 2020, held at Pasir Ris Sport Centre. It gave me an opportunity to engage younger participants through games and activities, be able to provide a listening ear to anything and everything that they were comfortable to share at the camp during our interactions. It was also during the campfire activity at this camp that I felt my bond with my coaches grew stronger, through the ability for us to work together on the camp and being able to speak to them freely like they were a member of my family. 

What is an aspect of yourself that you are seeking to improve?

On a personal front, there’s a lack of self-confidence and I’m looking to overcome it by putting myself ‘out there’ more through the exposure I get via the coaching and training sessions.

Nabil at a SportCares Programme

We understand that you would like to,  on a part-time or volunteer level, give back to the community through sport as a coach. What drew you to coaching, and in which sport?

I am leaning towards coaching athletics, covering general Track & Field events. The strong desire to want to coach came from my own experiences, both good and bad. My goals as a coach are to create a fun and engaging environment for the participants and try to bring about positive vibes into the sessions. And also to be able to share the importance of having a healthy mind and body with everyone.

Mr Li with Nabil at SCSM2021
(Photo courtesy of Li Foundation's Facebook Page)

An inspiring story indeed! All these achievements could not have been made without the support of our partner, Lionel Li (first from right). The philanthropist was, coincidentally, Nabil's (second from left) teammate for the Ekiden Relay in this year's SCSM. Read more about his journey and commitment to helping our youths live better through sports here!


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