Emotions are a gift. It allows us to pause, to exhale, and to come into contact with our feelings. When we do that, we become deeper versions of ourselves.

Hear from Sarah Qistina, a youth volunteer on how decisions led by emotion can also be more compassionate, particularly if they affect other people.


Emotions are an essential part of the human experience, and they can be an effective guide for personal growth and strength. 



Sarah usually starts a conversation with a joke to give someone a good laugh so that they will be in a better mood, especially when they are having a tough day. 



Sarah gets emotional every time she remembers how the Team Nila volunteers treated her like family. As a new volunteer at that time, they motivated her to study for her 'O' Levels.



As extroverted as she is, she is still afraid to talk to people outside of her circle. Deep down, she fears that people will dislike her personality.



As a coach and volunteer, she knows how emotionally and mentally draining it can be. By keeping hope and giving encouragement to others, she can influence herself and others. Positivism is infectious. 



When we embrace our emotions, we develop emotional intelligence and learn from past mistakes. As a result, we become stronger and more resilient individuals.



Anger usually leads to more anger. Resentment is the end result. Anger can never be justified. 



Seeing how others may not have equal opportunities as her, Sarah pushes herself to give all her energy. In the same light, she would like to spark hope in others through sport and volunteering.



Being true to herself has allowed her to connect better with people and be less afraid of trying. 

Have courage and be kind. - Sarah Qistina, Team Nila volunteer with SportCares

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