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By Charlene Lim

Is 60 seconds of activity enough to yield health benefits?


Everyone knows that exercise is the key to a happy, healthy life. But how much time do we really need to spend on exercise to see results? And what kind of results can we expect to see?

Research shows that it only takes 60 seconds of exercise to start reaping health benefits, from losing weight to boosting cardiovascular fitness, building muscle, improving blood circulation, lowering insulin sensitivity and more. 

In fact, just one minute of high-intensity exercise can yield the same results as 45 minutes of lower-intensity activity! 

The key, says Dr. Martin Gibala, Professor of Kinesiology at McMaster University Hamilton and author of “The One-Minute Workout”, is to make these activities vigorous for you!

If attempting a cardio activity, aim to get your heart rate up. If you can’t perform a particularly strenuous exercise, try a modification that’s appropriate for your fitness level. For example, instead of full-speed jumping jacks, you could try going slower, or stepping out one leg at a time instead.

Other activities like mindful stretching can also help build core strength, regulate blood sugar levels, control stress, relieve pain and manage symptoms of chronic diseases. 

Perhaps the most important benefit is how easy it is to commit just 60 seconds a day to moving. It’s easy to squeeze in while we watch TV, in between meetings, or even before a meal. Short but regular workout sessions are a great way to form a healthy habit and stick with it! 

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy with just 60 seconds of movement. So, if you think you’re too busy to exercise, think again!


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