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When you are running after a bus or reaching out to catch something that has dropped from a table, you will realise the importance of maintaining speed and agility as you age.

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During childhood, speed and agility were physical skills that came easily to us, so as we get on with age, we need to be exercising in the right way, in order to maintain that quick and upbeat bounce in our steps.

Let’s check out a series of drills to help you do just that.

Shuttle runs

Tape or mark out three lines on the floor, making sure that each of the lines are spaced at least five metres apart.

1. Sprint to the first line, touch it, before sprinting back to touch the starting line. Once you reach the starting line, sprint to the furthest one next.

2. Touch the furthest line and race back to run across the starting line.

3. Perform three sets of these shuttle runs with a one-minute break after each set.

Run the Corner

Set up some cones in the form of a square. Each cone should be about five metres apart.

1. Sprint forward towards the top left corner cone and make a fast side shuffle to the cone at the top right corner.

2. Now, run backwards to the cone behind you, and make a fast side shuffle to the bottom-left cone to complete the square.

3. Prepare to switch direction (switch to counter-clockwise) and repeat the drill again.

4. Do this drill eight to 15 times with a break of one minute between drills.

Lateral or sideway jump

The aim of this drill is to jump upwards and laterally.

1. Stand shoulder-width apart.

2. As you squat down, swing your arms downward and to the right in the same movement. This will provide you with the momentum to jump to the left.

3. Immediately jump upwards and to the left from the squat position. You should be able to jump about one metre to the left.

4. Squat down when you land on your feet to carry out the movement again, making sure to jump to the right this time.

5. Continue jumping left and right, increasing the speed of your jumps as you go along.

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