By Yeo Chee Yew


Happy New Year, Singapore!

How's your new year's resolutions coming along? With 2022 set to be a bumper year for sports, it is only fitting that health and fitness are top of our agenda. After all, a healthy body sets us up for the long road ahead like no other!

Rounded off 2021 in good form like us? Why not keep the momentum going into the new year! Read on to find out how you can either lose those flab for good, or give your mind and body that much needed refresh!

Start your journey here if you haven't already with Parts 1 and 2 of this series!


22 Things Cooking

15. Cooking

Instead of cooking up calories. How about using the kitchen to burn calories?

The preparation and cooking phase are the most immediately obvious targets - all you need is to pick healthier alternatives for your ingredients, a tip you can apply to even when you are ordering from the neighborhood hawker centre. Pick up some healthy recipe ideas from Active Health today!

It doesn’t have to stop there, either. Scrubbing out those stubborn grease and stains on the dirty pots and plates gives you a workout like no other. Plus, you get rewarded with a satisfyingly clean kitchen!



Healthy Vegetable Garden Interest Group
16. Gardening

Gardening can bring a host of health benefits by keeping us physically active, giving us a sense of purpose and improving our mental wellbeing.

Encourage your loved one to pick up gardening at home, or better yet, turn it into a social activity and participate in community gardens in the neighbourhood.

You can also have your very own farm-to-table by growing edible plants at home!


22 Things Skipping

17. Skipping

Skipping, or jump-rope, is a whole-body exercise that works the body's muscles, and as such, it is very effective at improving physical strength and promoting health.

Its simplicity means that anyone can do it, regardless of skill level. It also allows for quite a bit of variance: skip to the beat of your favorite songs to improve your rhythm; tricks like the double under and cougar; it can even be done in groups! Get jumping today with Watch!

If the spinning rope is too dangerous for you, there is always the option to go cordless!


22 Things Hula Hoop

18. Hula Hoop

In a time where most of us are seated for long periods of time, maintaining good posture becomes a challenge.

Enter the hula hoop, where your whole body needs to be activated and operating as a unit to keep the hoop moving. This allows you to fire up the small but often under-worked muscles of your upper back, core, glutes, and legs.

As a low impact workout, the continuous coordination required for hula hooping provides the perfect environment for a slow burn after just a few minutes.


22 Things Resistance Band

19. Resistance Band Training

Like the skipping rope and hula hoop, resistance bands are relatively cheap and easy to obtain, making them budget friendly alternative equipment to your regular training schedule.

Highly portable and adaptable, resistance bands allow you to target specific muscle groups at a time to achieve different goals!


Family Cycling

20. Cycling

Cycling is a rather unique sport for it satisfies multiple needs outside of fitness.

It is a relatively cheap and eco-friendly mode of transport that complements our public transport infrastructure well, from bringing folded bicycles onboard trains as well as the increasing number of cycling lanes island wide. Get prepping with this informative series on Watch as you cycle your way to fitness!

Cycling to work allows you to start your day less stressed, pumped, alert, and aware. You’d also avoid the risk associated with packed trains and transport delays!


22 Things Dancing

21. Dancing

As a sport, dancing is a full body workout that requires a sense of rhythm and physical agility. Through dancing, one (especially children) learn to better express himself/herself as part of the delivery of the choreography.

Dancing is also great for providing a family friendly bonding experience, with a wide variety of styles to groove to.

Get grooving today to the assortment of Dance Fitness classes on Watch today!


22. Blended Participation

There is really no replacement for physical event participation. With one eye on the need to remain safe on our path back to normalcy, it is understandable if one is wary of heading outdoors for fitness purposes. Why not try SportSG's new initiative - Blended?

"Blended" is birthed in the challenging times where the black swan of COVID-19  has brought about major disruptions to our sports industry. It re-imagines the future of sports events, of the physical and virtual worlds merging seamlessly together.

Embark on a phygital experience together with SportSG today. Check out our rich "Blended" event catalogue here!

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