Learn more about Gina Chan and her road to advocating for sustainable fitness!

As part of a drive to spotlight Self Employed Persons in the local fitness industry, we asked some of them to share more about themselves, their fitness journey, and some tips that you can immediately benefit from.

Today’s article features Gina Chan, a personal trainer with 8 years of experience in pre- and post- natal training, aqua fitness, and pilates.

Outside of being a fitness professional, Gina enjoys rock climbing, spending time with her loved ones, and doing housework (No kidding! A clean place keeps her mind clear).

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When did you start your fitness journey?

I would say 2010 when I was in polytechnic. I joined competitive cheer-leading as my CCA and I had to stay up to a certain fitness standard. Cheer-leading training happens 2-5 times a week (depending on the competition period), on top of that, I had to clock in my own gym training and run 2-3 times a week. After I graduated with my diploma in logistics and operations, I didn't know what I want to do, I was quite lost, but I know what I don't want to do - office work. Within 3 months post-graduation, I was offered a full-time job at a newly opened boutique gym and was offered a (fully paid for) personal trainer certification, I took it up. 8 years later, I am here, in the fitness industry and thankful for the opportunity-found passion.

What was the most rewarding moment of your fitness career?

I realized that working alone as a freelance trainer limited my reach in sharing the concept of sustainable fitness. Thus, in 2016, I kickstarted SgFitFam, working together with many different fitness professionals to reach more individuals and create a program for our clients to achieve sustainable results.

I still remember that first client that came to me telling me that their goal is to have more energy to play with their grandchildren and live longer for them. This touched my heart.

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Where would you like to work out the most?

Muscle Beach in the US. Imagine working out in minimal clothing (without getting judged) while getting a free suntan. Would love to try it out!

What’s your advice for those just starting out on their fitness journey?

Do it gradually. One of the common mistakes is for people to go too quick into a program that is too intense and not practical for their lifestyle in the long run. Let's say you are sedentary your whole life, and today you want to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, you can start with as simple as just clocking in more steps. From 2000 steps to 5000 steps daily, then the following month 10k steps daily. Slowly implement a good combination of cardio, strength and mobility training in your fitness routine to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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