Immy Yeoh

Coach Immy Yeoh shares her inspiring journey of keeping fit well into her master years.

As part of a drive to spotlight Self Employed Persons in the local fitness industry, we asked some of them to share more about themselves, their fitness journey, and some tips that you can immediately benefit from.

Today’s article features Immy Yeoh Phek Imm, a quinquagenarian who is defying expectations as a KPopX Fitness Instructor.

A firm advocate of active ageing, Immy believes in being the best we can be regardless of age or status.

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When did you start your fitness journey?

When my kids started schooling, I told myself I need to lose weight and be healthier, seeing as I had put on 15 kg after 2 pregnancies. To that end, I started exercising regularly and managed to achieve my goal in a year.

After much encouragement from my instructor and friends, I decided to become an instructor myself, despite already being 50 years of age.

It has been a tremendous journey to be able to teach in the Sports Centre, and now to host my personal Zoom Class. I've learnt a lot and never expected to be able to achieve all these within this year.

Well said! Immy has, through her own actions, proven to us all that no age is too late when it comes to fitness. Masters and Seniors should definitely self-care so as to age well. Don’t miss out on industry experts’ advice on the topic in ActiveHealth’s latest series of webinars!

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How would you describe yourself?

Generally, I'm a cheerful and positive person. I think I'm very fit for 51 years old and I love to lead a healthy active lifestyle, not just working out but also doing volunteer work. Being positive and proactive is the key to improvement and I lead by example by constantly upgrading myself when there is an opportunity to do so.

Words to live by! How has adopting this active lifestyle impacted your life?

Keeping fit helps me to be stronger, healthier and keeps me young! It enables me to prepare for old age in a positive and productive way. Being fit and healthy also keeps me busy, happy and optimistic.

Why do people struggle with losing belly fat?

Hereditary (body type), menopause, diet and lifestyle factors are mostly the reasons.

Interesting observations indeed! Keeping in shape is a delicate balancing act that straddles born-as conditions and lifestyle choices. Looking to take charge of your health? Check out ActiveHealth for tips, workshops, and easy recipes today!

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