getactive! singapore pesta sukan athletics photo: Francis Wong/ SportSGSport Singapore has announced 15 new recommendations for Vision 2030. Photo: Francis Wong/ SportSG

Sport Singapore today announced 15 new recommendations for Vision 2030 as the national blueprint for sport reaches its seven-year mark.

These new recommendations are the result of a year-long review conducted by Sport Singapore to ensure the masterplan remains relevant to the changing needs and demands of Singaporeans.

Since its launch in 2012, Vision 2030 has seen many Singaporeans taking up a more active lifestyle. According to the 2018 National Sports Participation Survey, the frequency of participation in physical activity saw a huge jump in numbers across all ages. Findings from the Active Citizens Worldwide Report also showed that participation in sport has contributed to greater interactions between people of different backgrounds and resulted in a happier and more socially-integrated Singapore.

Mr Lim Teck Yin, CEO, Sport Singapore said: “Vision 2030 was launched with the belief that sport will have an increasingly significant role to play in nation building and Singapore’s future. Active participation in sport not only results in a healthier, more resilient people but also a more gracious, closer-knit society. Today, the success from the collective effort of everyone in the sport ecosystem can be witnessed daily through the programmes and physical activity at our sport centres and beyond. Everyone, from our Team Nila volunteers to the Team Singapore athletes embodies the idea that ‘One Team Singapore’ is stronger together, and each has a part to play in believing in Singapore and building an exceptional nation.”

inclusive sports festival 2019A Team Nila volunteer at the recently concluded Inclusive Sports Festival which was part of GetActive! Singapore. Photo: Sport Singapore

The transformation is apparent. ActiveSG sport centres now work with citizens and schools to curate tailored programmes for their respective resident communities. Booking for a facility can now be done quickly and seamlessly via Active Wallet. Most of our ActiveSG sport centres are now senior-friendly while Persons with Disabilities have sport programmes that they can join. Through SportCares, youth-at-risk are nurtured to become mentors. The spexScholarship, spexBusiness and spexEducation networks have given our Team Singapore athletes an extra edge in the sporting arena and outside of it. While the 2015 SEA Games brought the nation together, its legacy lives on through our Team Nila volunteers who are ever-present at our sporting events. The list goes on.

Vision 2030 Review

With an aspiration for the strategy of sport to continue serving the best interests of Singapore, a review was undertaken in 2018 to consolidate the feedback of Singaporeans. In total, more than 3,000 people took part in focus group discussions, surveys and research studies.

The outcome of the review are 15 new recommendations across eight key focus areas designed to reach out to more people and to enrich their lives through sport.

Vision 2030Image: Sport Singapore

Kallang Alive!

Among the recommendations is the development of the Kallang Alive precinct as a destination where Singaporeans can participate in community sports activities and enjoy world-class entertainment and sporting action.

In addition to the upcoming Kallang Football Hub and new Kallang Tennis Centre, there are also plans for a Youth Hub which may include a velodrome and a speed climbing wall. Sport Singapore, in consultation with other agencies, is exploring the redevelopment of the Kallang Theatre into an integrated sport, entertainment and lifestyle centre. Just a stone’s throw away, the waterfront space along Jalan Benaan Kapal is envisaged to become a green community space named Benaan Kapal Green. Finally, another project that is being explored is the Alive Gateway and Loop. The loop will possibly trace the precinct’s circular airfield heritage and link the key attractions within the precinct by a walking and cycling path that interfaces with Singapore’s Park Connector Network.

Children and Youth Sport Framework

ActiveSG Gymnastics Academy launchPhoto: Sport Singapore

One demographic that the review focused on is children and youth. Sport and physical activity plays a role in the holistic development of children and youth and three recommendations were introduced today with the goal of giving them more opportunities to play and pursue sport in and out of school. For each recommendation, pilots were conducted with partners to learn and refine ideas.

1. School Sports Partnerships

ActiveSG is currently collaborating with primary and secondary schools to introduce various sports to students under the School Sports Partnerships. The intent is to give these students exposure to multiple sports so as to nurture in them the love for sports while developing their skills to play multiple sports; thus setting a strong foundation for them to stay active and lead a healthier life.

2. Strategic Partnership CCA

A combined multi-school track-and-field programme was introduced earlier this year for students with a passion in track-and field, but who are from secondary schools that do not offer the CCA. Under this programme, students can pursue their interest and take up athletics as their CCA and be able to represent their school in national competitions. The programme is currently conducted centrally at the Kallang Practice Track.

3. Building a More Active Preschool Environment

Nurture Kids was introduced in 2017 to promote Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and healthy habits to pre-schoolers. Workshops were also conducted with early childhood educators to help them gain confidence and proficiency in delivering FMS programmes. As of now, Nurture Kids has reached out to 125 preschools.

Partnerships Key to Vision 2030’s Success

With the new recommendations comes a wave of opportunities for the public, private and people sector to work with Sport Singapore to bring to reality Vision 2030. Mr Lim made the call today to every Singaporeans to dream, design and partner Sport Singapore to live better through sport.

Mr Lim added: “Over the last seven years, we have put in place platforms for citizens to gain access to sport and leverage on the intrinsic power of sport to inspire, care, nurture and bond. In the next leg of Vision 2030, we hope to strengthen our partnership with citizens and organisations to redouble our efforts to enable all to ‘Live Better Through Sport’. Singaporeans will enjoy greater access, innovation and good quality sport programmes and events; that enhance different aspects of living, working and playing; with family, friends and colleagues here in Our Singapore”

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