Isa 3

Isa Halim, Head Coach

ActiveSG Football Academy (Bedok) &
AFA x Singapore Sports School DC

Q: What sport do you play? (besides Football)
A: I picked up mountain biking this year and never looked back since�

Q: My coaching philosophy is �
A: To have SPEED in tactical transition

Q: What�s your biggest motivation to coach?
A: To be able to share my experience and be part of the players� football journey

Q: 3 key things that I advocate to all my students are�
A: Respect, hard work and sacrifice

Q: Who is your greatest inspiration in football?
A: Cristiano Ronaldo - he believed in his own ability when everyone doubted him

Q: Most memorable coaching moment so far?
A: Winning the COE U15 tournament as a school

Q: What is your exercise routine?
A: Aside from normal daily push-ups and sit-ups, I try to cycle at least 80-100 km per week on the trails.

Q: What are you most excited about for 2021?
A: I guess it�s for everyone to be able to enjoy football back as it was, playing with your teammates and friends

Q: Share one guiding advice for parents and participants
A: Trust the program and coach, and let the kids enjoy and express themselves.