Melvin 2

Tan Kim Boon Melvin, Principal

ActiveSG Athletics Club

Q: What sport do you play? (besides Athletics)
A: (Pre-COVID) I play soccer on the weekend and a bit of badminton at times.

 Q: My coaching philosophy is �
A: �The coaching process is like a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece of it must be in place in order to get a full picture. Focus on developing an athlete holistically.�

Q: Something that I advocate to all my students �
A: Talent can bring you to a certain level in life, but upholding the right values will see you well through life.

Q: What�s your vision for AAC?  
A: (1) To grow the sport, (2) To further the cause of Athletics in Singapore 

Q: Most memorable sporting/coaching moment so far?
A: I have had many memorable sporting/coaching moments, but the most memorable one would be when I was appointed the coach to the 2012 London Olympics.

Q: What�s your favourite quote?
A: �Whatever you are, be a good one.� - Abraham Lincoln 

Q: What are you most excited about for 2021?
A: I will be most thrilled if we can eradicate COVID-19 and kickstart many of the major sporting events worldwide in 2021. We are all a deprived and hungry bunch for exciting sports action.