Zeddlow 1

Zeddlow, aka ??, 6

ActiveSG Basketball Academy Participant
Clementi Sport Centre

Q: What got you started to join ActiveSG Basketball Academy?
A: I used to wait for my brothers while they trained with the ActiveSG Basketball Academy. When I finally reached 5 years old, I signed up for the programme too.
Q: Favourite Coach?
A: I like to train with Coach Ong and Coach Chin because they taught me a lot about basketball and fun things. Sometimes, they accepted my challenge (half court throw, sit down and throw etc...) to them too ??
Q: What sport do you play?
A: Basketball and basketball and BASKETBALL!
Q: A value I strongly believe...
A: Just last week, Coach Chin taught me about Honour. I like this value to respect each other in games.
Q: Most memorable moment in ABA so far?
A: The basketball matches between my teammates and I! I look forward to playing basketball matches again when the Covid-19 situation improves.
Q: Who�s your Basketball inspiration?
A: I like to watch Singapore Slingers' matches! And my brother, Zane, who always play basketball with me.
Q: Favourite time of the year?
A: Christmas and my birthday! We are allowed to play games the whole day :P
Q: What are you most excited about for 2021?
A: I am starting Primary 1 in 2021!
Q: What is your strength in basketball?
A: I am small but agile! I love to shoot to win a game!