Lana 1

Lana Adalia, 14

ActiveSG Hockey Academy Participant
Hockey Village @ Boon Lay

Q: What got you started to join ActiveSG Hockey Academy?
A: I wanted additional external trainings to build my hockey skills, on top of school CCA trainings.

Q: Favourite Coach?
A: Coach Reynard. He has been teaching me hockey since I�ve been in external training. He always come up with fun games to do during hockey practice while still improving our skills.

Q: What other sport do you play? (besides Hockey)
A: Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming

Q: A value I strongly believe in�
A: Confidence

Q: Best takeaway from ActiveSG Hockey Academy?
A: Timea and Mahimah � very glad to meet and make 2 good friends through the AHA Hockey programme. We still keep in touch till today! ??

Q: Favourite time of the year?
A: 23 September � it�s a special day in my life for me as I scored my first goal for my school during the C division competition in 2019.

Q: What are you most excited about for 2021?
A: Playing in full-fledged hockey games/tournament! (Hopefully, the tournaments can resume)

Q: What motivated you to continue hockey?
A: My friends, family and coaches that support me, along with the excitement of playing games.