Singapore�s latest Sports Talkshow, turns the focus on CYCLING!

To win the country's 1st ever Asian Games GOLD medal and to compete in the world's most prestigious cycling race by 2030 - those are the goals recently set by the Singapore Cycling Federation.

The launch of ProCyclingSG is the result of years of behind-the-scenes planning, sourcing for the right partners and seeking the support from key stakeholders such as Sport Singapore and the Singapore Sports Institute.

And with this comprehensive programme now in place, it's time for the current young generation of national athletes to take on the massive challenge, of wanting to qualify for the most elite bike race on the planet!

Well to hear more of their dreams, resources, training plans etc catch them on Episode 17 of SG Sports Uncut!

Appearing on the show are:
Dr Hing Siong Chen (President, Singapore Cycling Federation)
Ronnie Yap (Secretary General, Singapore Cycling Federation)
Adrian Ng (General Manager, ProCyclingSG)
Samuel Leong (TeamSG Cyclist)
Darren Lim (TeamSG Cyclist)
Tim Lorenz Schmidt (TeamSG Cyclist)