Active Health GameOn! @ Work Workout


It is important to do some form of stretches and also a mini-workout to improve the circulation and also get the muscles activating again.

These simple stretches and workout might only take 10-15 minutes. Doing these 2-3 times a day will help. Also, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated as our bodies will wither and dry out like a plant without water.


These stretches are designed to target different parts of the body and especially the hip and back.

Hold each pose for 30 seconds to get maximum benefit from it. Do it for 2-3 times a day

Neck Stretch

Our necks get stiff from starting at the monitor for a long time. This stretch helps to relieve the stiffness.

Neck Stretch

Shoulder Rotations

Stiff shoulders are very common for people who sit down for long hours. Rolling the shoulders can help increase circulation into the joints, tendons and muscles.

Shoulder Rotations

Overhead Stretch

Sitting for long hours can put some pressure on the upper half of the body especially the muscles around the upper back. This will help relief the tension and also lengthen the muscles that are otherwise compressed.

Overhead Stretch

Knee Hugs

Sitting for a long time can cause considerable strain on the buttocks and also hips. This stretch will help with lengthening the buttock muscles and also move at the hip joint.

Knee Hugs


Doing some form of light exercise through the working hours can help increase the circulation of blood and fluids around the body. In addition, it may also improve on concentration, mood, and refreshes your mind.

Multi-directional Step and Reach

This exercise builds strength in the muscles of the lower back and legs. Do it 60 seconds, 2- 3 sets a day.

Squat to Single Leg Balance

This movement improves balance and stability of the lower body.Do it 60 seconds, 3- 5 sets a day

Split Stance Lateral Sway

This exercise improves mobility of the hips. Do it 60 seconds, 3- 5 sets a day.

Prisoner March with Twist

This exercise improves muscular endurance of the lower limbs and trunk. Do it 60 seconds, 2- 3 sets a day.