What is Healthier SG?

Healthier SG, an initiative to empower individuals take steps towards better health by reshaping their health-seeking behaviours and lifestyles.

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Involvement of Sport Singapore

Involvement of Sport Singapore

Our healthcare system is undergoing a significant transformation. Under Healthier SG, family doctors will provide preventive care and health plans that integrate lifestyle changes and regular health screenings. A national enrollment drive will be launched to encourage citizens to make a commitment to adopting a health plan and seeing one family doctor, and community partners will be enlisted to help residents lead healthier lifestyles.

As a community partner, Sport Singapore will support the national plan by encouraging citizens to consciously maintain their health and actively participate in a variety of sports, exercise and interest groups offered at ActiveSG Sport Centres. Residents are also educated about the link between healthy lifestyle choices and better health through the Active Health initiative. Active Health Coaches will be at the forefront to support residents in their Health Plan through multi-disciplinary functional performance assessments for residents, and customised coaching on health and wellness that are geared towards active and healthy living.

Involvement of Sport Singapore
Healthier SG
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What is Healthier SG?

Can I enrol into Healthier SG?

Singapore Citizens/ Permanent Residents will progressively receive an invitation SMS to enrol into Healthier SG from 5 Jul 2023 - commencing from aged 60 and above.

What happens when I enrol into the Healthier SG programme?

More information can be found on https://www.healthiersg.gov.sg/about/benefits/.

Can I choose/select the types of programmes on my own? Or, will my doctor help me choose/decide?

Individuals who have been participating regularly in physical activity may continue to do so with your choice of activity. Otherwise, one’s GP will be able to recommend suitable activities based on one’s health status.

Are these programmes free or paid?

Some programmes are free. Do visit H365 app, People’s Association (PA) and Sport Singapore’s (SportSG) websites for more information.


I have a chronic condition. Are there any programmes for me?

Yes, Active Health's targeted Programmes are designed for individuals with well-controlled diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or osteoarthritis. You may find out more at https://go.gov.sg/activehealth-targetedprogrammes.

What time/ day and where will such activities be held? Frequency?

Do visit the H365 app, People’s Assocation and SportSG's websites for more information.

Do I need to sign up for ActiveSG account or just H365 account is sufficient?

For SportSG’s Programmes, you would need an ActiveSG account to sign up. You may find out more and register at. https://go.gov.sg/activesg

In the event that I am unable to attend a paid programme, what is the refund policy?

No cancellation, replacement and refund are allowed once a booking is confirmed

Are there any subsidies programmes for the elderly?

Singaporeans aged 65 and above will be given free entry to all ActiveSG swimming pools and gyms from 1 April 2020. Seniors must still register as ActiveSG members before they patronise the pools and gyms as they are required to scan in / out at the facilities.