Active Ageing Through Sharing And Caring


ActiveAgeingSharingAndCaring1Exercise Interest Group at Active Health Lab, Jurong East Sport Centre

To Jenny Wee, 64, a freelance coordinator, the Active Health Team Nila Silver Champions Scheme is a great programme because it enables her to follow up on her exercises regularly on a weekly basis. At times when when she is not available during the weekly sessions, she is able to watch and follow the zoom exercise recording at her own time.

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As part of the Active Health Team Nila Silver Champion Scheme, Jenny joined the workshops such as ‘Wet Market Better’, which aims to encourage seniors to be more physically active, and subsequently she also signed up for regular exercise and resistance band training at the Active Health Lab located at Jurong East Sport Centre. She even encouraged her friends to join her on this journey to stay active and healthy together.

She has been an active volunteer for a long time, but does not exercise much. Now, not only does Jenny exercise regularly, she even looks forward to going to the Active Health Lab to catch up with her coaches and friends!

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ActiveAgeingSharingAndCaring2Urban vertical farming at Singapore Science Centre

Jenny used to experience knee pains which are now gone after she started exercising. Hence, she is more motivated to increase her exercise sessions, maintaining a twice per week plan. Moving forward, she has plans to invite the elderly from her senior citizen club to join her. 

Although Jenny is not very active, she goes for daily morning walks and has increased her distance from 5,000 to 10,000 steps gradually. She aims to hit 15,000 eventually!  

“As part of my volunteer work, I deliver meals to the elderly. Nowadays, instead of taking a bus, I deliver by foot. In the past, I do not like to drink plain water but I have started to drink more as a result of being more active. These are some changes that I’ve made after learning about healthy habits from the Active Health workshops.” shared Jenny.

Jenny enjoys volunteering and has joined several interest groups to stay active and connected. The society may be ever-changing but she feels that she should not be left behind. The connection with new friends and the friendship forged over the years kept her going. She suffered tough times in her younger days but grew stronger and more resilient from the emotional support from her friends. Grateful of her friends' gestures, she hopes to pay it forward and contribute back to the society.

ActiveAgeingSharingAndCaring3Delivery of food donation for Food From The Heart

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Jenny's rich and diverse volunteerism adventures

  • Anti-doping Officer for SEA Games 2015
  • Technical Officer for Triathlon Association of Singapore
  • Facilitating events and activities in the west zone cluster, typically at Jurong East Sport Centre and Jurong Lake Garden:
    - urban farming and brisk walking
    - food donation drive and shoes recycling collection
    - introduce seniors to TTX outdoor table tennis

ActiveAgeingSharingAndCaring4TTX outdoor table tennis at Jurong Lake Garden

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Jenny's life mottos. What's yours?

  • Manage your time and make time for the things that matter.
  • Make friends along the way and look forward to doing more together.
  • Enjoy the things you do.
  • Stay active, stay healthy and stay happy!


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