AH for Seniors

Exercises for Seniors

AH_Marching Soldier-1

Marching Soldier

This simple exercise increases the heart rate. It also works on balance as one foot lifts off the ground to mimic walking which is one of the most frequent dynamic activities of daily living.


AH_Skater Pose

Skater Pose

This exercise helps to open up hips and stretch the inner thigh muscles.


AH_Twist for Toilet Paper

Twist for Toilet Paper

This exercise activates muscles of the trunk and lower body. The twisting motion involves rotation to stretch the core muscles.


AH_Push the Door

Push the Door

This exercise strengthens the chest muscle which is helpful for pushing objects such as a heavy door, or to break a fall.


AH_Walk on Tightrope

Walk on Tightrope

This exercise builds stronger calf and shin muscles that aid in walking, thereby reducing the risk of falls.


AH_Leg Pendulum

Leg Pendulum

This exercise builds hip abductor, extensor and flexor muscles which are important for stability when walking or standing on one leg.


AH_Launch the Rocket

Launch the Rocket

This exercise improves balance and stability of lower body which can help one to pick up an object from the floor and to reach for the shelf.


AH_Open a Bag of Chips

Open a Bag of Snacks

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper back. It can help to improve the forward hunched posture commonly observed in older adults.


AH_Side Crunches

Side Crunches

This exercise helps to develop your core muscles that link your upper and lower body and enable you to stay stationary or move in different directions while maintaining your balance. 


AH_Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round

This exercise loosens up the shoulders and thoracic spine, improving shoulder and upper back mobility and stability.


AH_Cross the Drain

Cross the Drain

This exercise improves hip mobility which is important for maintaining normal walking patterns and to perform activities such as reaching and bending.


AH_Arm Pendulum

Arm Pendulum

This exercise improves shoulder mobility which will help one with everyday tasks and to perform exercises. Having flexible shoulders also will help increase your overall body strength.


AH_Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

This exercise assists in returning heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to its pre-exercise state.


AH_Spread Your Wings

Spread your Wings

This exercise opens up your chest which can increase flexibility and range of motion in the chest and shoulders to improve upper body posture.


AH_Warrior Stretch

Warrior Stretch

This exercise opens the front of the hips and strengthens the leg as well as the shoulders.
It promotes good posture and spinal alignment along with core strength.