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Catering to Diverse Learners

No two kids are exactly the same – from their height and weight to their past experiences with movement, every child is unique. As an educator, you have probably seen this first hand in your classroom. But with such a diverse group of children, how do you create movement activities that work for everyone?

It is all about finding the sweet spot. If a task is too difficult, a child might give up and disengage. That is why it is crucial to cater to each child’s individual needs and competencies, whether that means tweaking the activity or offering additional support.

Inclusive classrooms thrive on constant adaptation and modification to cater to the diverse backgrounds, experiences, interests, and needs of all children. By flexibly adjusting task constraints, an environment is created where each child is appropriately challenged while experiencing success. Below are sample ideas for such adjustments as a starting point, with the opportunity to further expand and customise based on educators’ growing understanding of their children’s individual requirements:

Varying Challenge Levels

Watch the video resources below to learn more about helping children build their strengths in movement skills.

Dribbling with Foot
Jumping Off Height
Jumping for Distance
Rolling The Ball
Throwing To A Target
Walking (Lose Balance)
Walking (V-shape)
Walking (Tip Toes)
Walking (Shuffle Feet)

If your preschool is keen to contribute your activity ideas and resources to this website, please reach out to us here.