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Experience endless learning opportunities of outdoor exploration with children! From discovering natural
elements to embracing open spaces, the outdoors offer a unique platform for holistic growth and development. Playing outdoors not only promotes their overall health and well-being, but also fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity in the little ones.

Identifying Outdoor Opportunities for Learning

Preschools in Singapore may not have ample outdoor space and facilities within their premises, but educators may utilise nearby neighbourhood outdoor spaces for children to engage in physical activities. With creativity and imagination, the outdoors can provide endless opportunities for children’s physical growth and development.

Educators may look out for the following features when walking around the neighbourhood:

  • Lines or patterns on the ground that children can walk and balance on, jump or leap across.
  • Fixed structures such as tables, chairs, pillars or stairs that children can use to practise aiming (e.g., throwing or rolling to a target), or walking up.
  • Open spaces with different surfaces such as cement floors, grass or sand for children to run, jump, skip on, and explore different ways of moving.

Here are some examples of how physical structures and features of common outdoor spaces like void decks, green spaces, and playgrounds, that EC educators can include in the children's activity time, to help develop their fundamental movement skills:

Active Play at the Playground

Playgrounds provide numerous opportunities for preschoolers to engage in active play, contributing to their daily dose of physical activity and movement. Explore neighbourhood playgrounds to tap on opportunities to develop preschoolers' fundamental movement skills while building strength and endurance!

Active Play

If your preschool is keen to contribute your activity ideas and resources to this website, please reach out to us here.