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Movement Activities

The movement activity plans here are designed in accordance with the 5Es framework, allowing educators to see how the guiding principles can be applied when designing or modifying movement. The goal is to inspire educators to modify and create your own activities based on the examples, to enhance your movement-based lessons.

Check out the following movement activity videos, with the demonstration of set-up and instructional cues:

Activity type
Skill type

Jungle Adventure

Fruit Salad

Mr Man / Little Miss

Pirate Ship

Road Trip

Alphabet Yoga

Around the World

Avoid the Fruits

Push-and-Pull Battle

Feeding Frenzy

Going on a Safari

A Fruit Picking Adventure

The Floor is Lava

Protect the Princess

Harvest Day

Monkeys and Bananas

Sea Shore Ship Shark

Sticky Popcorn

How Far Can My Leaves Go

Musical Hoops

Traffic Light

Drivers and Tyres

Gate Dribbling

Send the Presents Over

Put Out the Fire

Horses and Stables

Through the Tunnel Race

Recycle Obstacle Course

High Score


Bat and Run



Blow Wind Blow

How High Can It Go?


If your preschool is keen to contribute your activity ideas and resources to this website, please reach out to us here.