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Thematic Movement Activities/Games

As part of our Nurture Kids Festival @ the annual GetActive! Singapore celebrations, SportSG has created with community partners from the EC sector the following thematic movement activities that EC educators may use in school. These activity ideas and resources come with novel and innovative storylines, to add more excitement to movement time in school.

Check out the resources below:

57 Kampung Games Collection (2022)

In celebration of Singapore's 57th birthday, the 57 Kampung Games collection features the best ideas from our preschool and sporting communities of how our traditional games can be reimagined and played differently.

Watch the demonstration videos to conduct these kampung games in the preschools:


(Reinvented from Hopscotch)

Bola Pyramid

(Reinvented from Bola Tin)

Musical Hoops

(Reinvented from Musical Chairs)

Kiddolympics (2021)

With the Olympic Games that took place in 2021, the Nurture Kids Festival presented a themed Kiddolympics challenge for all preschoolers to become Faster, Higher, and Stronger through the activities. These activities consist of fundamental movement skills and modified sport, suitable for EC educators to conduct in schools for the preschoolers.

Watch the demonstration videos to conduct these Kiddolympics challenges in the preschools:

Find out more about the Nurture Kids Festival @ GetActive! Singapore here.

If your preschool is keen to contribute your activity ideas and resources to this website, please reach out to us here.