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What would you do different if you had more energy during the day? How about if all the stress in your life didn�t bother you as much?

Regular physical activity, sport and exercise improves our energy levels, and helps us deal with stress. (Amazing, right?)

Try these: 60-second exercises you can do anywhere

The research is clear: people who are more active have more energy. In fact, short duration moderate-intensity physical activity in the middle of the afternoon (e.g., 10-minute brisk walk) can immediately boost energy levels, and keep them high for up to two hours (that�s better than any cupcake!).

And it doesn�t just help us feel better in the short term. Regular activity helps us manage stress, improve mood, and increase self-confidence. It can even help improve mental health. Recent research has found that the weekly recommended 150 minutes of physical activity, sport and exercise can be as effective as Prozac or behavioural therapy in treating depression.


�I will take one 10-minute brisk walk every day�

This tiny little daily walk will take care of half of your weekly physical activity recommendation, just like that! Even better, it can boost your energy and mental performance for up to 2 hours.

How do I build this habit?

  • Plan ahead: pick a specific time and location, and book it like an appointment. You can even invite someone to come along with you.
    Example: At lunchtime (when), at Marina Bay Sands (where), with Bee from the office (who).
  • Plan this every day, and even put it into your mobile calendar to build it into a routine.

How do I measure my success?

Monitor: Make a note at the end of the day if you forgot to take your brisk walk.

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