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Para Dragon Boat

Dragon boat racing is a popular water sport that originated in ancient China and has gained international recognition and participation over the years. It involves teams of paddlers propelling long, narrow boats decorated like dragons through waterways such as rivers, lakes, and seas.

Entry requirements

  1. Each boat must comprise of minimum nine (9) to maximum ten (10) persons with a permanent disability
  2. Definition of disability shall be in accordance to Singapore’s Enabling Master Plan SG Enable classification for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities and autism
  3. An able-bodied caregiver/supporter/volunteer may be permitted to accompany the person with disability inside the boat at the ratio of 1:1
    1. For min crew configuration - 9 paras : 9 able-bodied
    2. For max crew configuration - 10 paras : 10 able-bodied
  4. The Para Team must be formed with a cause for a group of special needs society with a vision and plan for inclusivity.
  5. The Team needs to demonstrate that all participants would have trained together as a team for a period of at least 3 months in the spirit of social cohesion.
  6. There may be a request for doctor’s diagnosis for persons with disabilities (to ensure level playing field).

Competition Schedule

  • Date: 28 Jul 2024
  • Time: 9am to 12pm
  • Venue: Sports Hub Water Sports Centre
  • Address: